Reality is deeper


Faith and Knowledge

"What is faith?"
"Approached from the point of view of knowledge, faith is an assumption arising from ignorance."
"Approached from the point of view of intuition, then what?"
"Approached from the point of view of intuition, faith is an attempt to influence the world, which gives a charge to the intention, but we can also call it a dream."
"What is knowledge?"
"Knowledge from the ration's point of view is the present ability to access opportunities."
"And approached by intuition?"
"Knowledge approached from the point of view of intuition is limiting the dream to evidence."


Cause and Effect

"How did you realize that something might be the cause in the future?"
"With the angle of view rising, you simply know a lot of things. I’ve always been interested in sci-fi and my brain is easier to cope with managing time flexibly than others. And it is already an outside in space and time that is not only talked about by wording and if you imagine yourself outside of space and time, it is not difficult to manage the timeline from there. If you can imagine the situation from the other’s perspective, you’re already in the lead."


Dream research

"What do you think is a dream?"
"Continuous proof of the existence of the spiritual world and the higher dimensions."
"What did you say about that before?"
"That dreams are actually higher dimensional conversations, just not in the form of verbal communication we know."
"Specifically, what is the proof of the dream?"
"Speaking of proof, here's the third eye. Because when you sleep and dream, you don’t have your eyes open either, yet you see pictures."

Heaven and Hell

"What happens after death?"
“Either you end up in a parallel reality, or you wake up at an earlier point in this time plane one morning in your bed. But your consciousness can also rise to a higher level, where everything is the same, yet with different and similar parameters. I note if you’re not on your own level, it breeds unhappiness because you have to live under constant compulsion to comply. I actually created an opportunity for happiness for everyone to give up staring at others. But if you get into banding, no problem, you go on your own level to where similar people surround you."

To be God

"What are the special abilities?"
"Turn on cells in your brain that are not used by others. But don’t worry, looking outwardly, we’re a planetary wizard if whoever looks at us doesn’t really use the rational hemisphere of their brain. When you say you are planning your bulk shopping, it is a special ability for such a creature. It really isn’t hard to be a god in a field like this. What’s hard is for both hemispheres of the brain to be that way. Although I don't see why."
"If you could see, what would you think?"
"To be pure bullshit for a sensible, advanced man. If I thought about it like that, I would only do it for joke."