Dream research

If anyone wants to start making such observations, I have a piece of advice. Do not read anything on the subject beforehand.

"What do you think is a dream?"

"Continuous proof of the existence of the spiritual world and the higher dimensions."
"What did you say about that before?"

"That dreams are actually higher dimensional conversations, just not in the form of verbal communication we know."

"Specifically, what is the proof of the dream?"

"Speaking of proof, here's the third eye. Because when you sleep and dream, you don’t have your eyes open either, yet you see pictures."

"What is good for third eye and how can it be developed?"

"The third eye is a perception that people are allowed to regress, which is not the same as visual vision alone, but a much more complex perception."

"What do we feel then?"

"This is easiest to understand if you consider that your consciousness is a browser and the spiritual world is the internet. Which is full of information ... and of course disinformation. The outside world, that is, the physical plane, in this sense is like a monitor. What happens inside is related to what happens outside."

"What can be concretely proved?"

"Proving to yourself is not difficult, proving to others is another story. Demonstrability to others is based on regularities, but it is not possible to set up laws in an exact way for a world that takes place within you. Because you make the rules yourself."


"It wouldn't hurt carefully."

"Otherwise, what will happen?"

"A player stronger than you appears who has different rules."

"What if I'm the stronger one?"

“You can be stronger at times and it shows up in the outside world, but if these self-created rules are primitive, it’s only a matter of time before they fail against a more complex one."

"To what extent are the things seen in the dream real?"

"As much as things seen in reality are dreamlike."

"hat does that mean?"

"In my research, I have come to the conclusion that the issue of position of consciousness is everything. When your consciousness changes position, it is followed by the outside world. The difficulty with this is that the outside world is constant, so it’s very hard to notice. Plus, the sense of reality is extremely strong and there’s another factor out there, and that’s time. Plus, for someone whose life is full of events, affairs, things, and people, talking about it is like lower-angle people about higher-angle things.

"You didn't answer the question."

"Do you know the phrase someone realizes their dreams?"

"Of course."

"This means. Although it is more accurate in bringing its reality to the level of the dream."

"What's the dream?"

"Another dimension of the same."

"I've heard about a waking dream. What does that mean?"

"Conscious use of the ability that people experience after falling asleep. And this is the point when we begin to enter the world of esotericism and magic."

"What's the difference between the two?"

“Esotericity is when you examine yourself within yourself, and magic is when you assert an intention in the world. The first is an inner activity that is only about your inner world, while the other is about the outside world and other people."

"How does the dream relate to these?"

- The subject begins to converge, because when you tear it in, that is, you bring your brain into a modified state of consciousness, you are technically already in it in the dream and in the magic. So that you don't perceive this as a dream or magic. A modified state of consciousness can be reached without, say, meditation. He who meditates dreams practically awake."

"Who getting high when he do magic?"

"As you begin to think, plan or fantasize."

"Aren't these just fantasies?"

"What you have fantasies about in the spiritual world is all happening. And this is where the question of ‘one reality’ comes in, because not all such dreams can come down to a single reality, and in fact most people never realise, or if they do, they don’t necessarily know them."

"Give me an example."

“You fantasize about a celebrity and when it happens, you don’t notice it because you understand in individual consciousness with one specific person, and the dream thinks in collective consciousness with another one."

"Is there a line between dream and reality and if so, where?"

"You make the line with your faith. Which may be somewhere around you for proof. Because there is a lot of evidence in front of your eyes, but from this you only accept those that fit your worldview."

"I do not understand."

"If you see an Arab, would you think he's on the other side of reality? No, because you see it here in your own reality and you also consider him part of your reality. Then there was the existing socialism, which is actually a celestial model, in your interpretation of heaven and not by chance, I brought up the Arab example, because that is what Islamic thinking is. Even if we mean heaven now, not an ideal world, but a zone of collective consciousness. And we have already crossed the line of religion with the subject."

"You said whoever wants to deal with the subject should not read anything on the subject. What if someone reads this?"

"If you don't read this, you'll find out over time. That is why I said practically nothing on the subject. Knowing this could theoretically speed up the way, but only for those who are already involved in these processes. Those who are not yet in it will understand little of this and it is good for them all to feel like it or, on the contrary, to feel complicated, they confirm reality in themselves."