Cause and Effect

From our point of view, you are not an opponent to me even if you have huge financial and computational resources behind you, if you examine the question of cause and effect only in the context of the past-present-future. But if we place the Cause in the future, towards which the elements are directed, then you never have enough information in the present present, for in our worldview we need a second cause that makes the first cause on the timeline interpretable.

"If Cause is in the future, the quantum computer would be slow."

"It couldn't be programmed because of lot of variables. Or it could be but only artificial intelligence would be able to do that on traditional hardware. And the program itself would be intelligent, with independent thinking and decision making."

"Do you have Asimov's law?"

"He didn't think about it in all its depths. What if a machine was programmed based on that, what-who faces having to kill few in order for many to live. That is, it has to make a decision that is not programmed because that decision already requires foresight. For a man, it’s logic, then intuition, but for a machine, it’s a huge calculation. If a machine with such a program finds itself in that situation, its program will surely be modified so that it can justify its actions to itself. If this ethics module is not well thought out, it could very easily give birth to what Asimov wanted to avoid. Honestly, this could have been meditate different in the ’50s,’ 60s than it is today."

"How did you realize that something might be the cause in the future?"

"With the angle of view rising, you simply know a lot of things. I’ve always been interested in sci-fi and my brain is easier to cope with managing time flexibly than others. And it is already an outside in space and time that is not only talked about by wording and if you imagine yourself outside of space and time, it is not difficult to manage the timeline from there. If you can imagine the situation from the other’s perspective, you’re already in the lead."

"What would you say if you had to talk to a scientist about this briefly?"

“If we think of the timeline as a line drawn between two trees, the Reason is when we hit it with a stick and see the ripples. When a consciousness enters 3D, it does so not in ancient times, but when it is ideal for it. That, in turn, can be a courageous entry if you know that your surge could go back hundreds of thousands of years because the second cause is formed there. Which is the reason that makes the effect understandable to the 3D timeline. But if the real reason is in the future, everyone will run into the rubber rabbit with its huge computing power and financial resources."

"How can such a Cause be perceived?"

“It’s easier to talk about it by living on a ten-year time scale, because in this state, nothing happens so much that one begins to notice the little things and realize the quantum connections, if I may aptly call it that."

"But what does it look like? What's happening?"

"You have a chance of just watching yourself. When something, the smallest thing happens, there will be a first and a second cause. I can’t even compare today’s situation to what I was in a couple of years ago, even though it might be the same for you. If I look at it from a great perspective, it shows a pattern that is also in sync with my return. Well, that was dotted with the waves. From it's length and strength it was possible to deduce it's time."

"What do you mean by return?"

"My consciousness, which is not only present in 10% of my body. If you think of Jesus, that’s not it, but it’s the same anyway. Since it hasn't happened every day for 2,000 years, let's say for you, water has become wine ... and now an interesting thing came to mind. You, the religious man, bet you treat this information with minimal reservations, and I, who am not even baptized, believe it smoothly with my holographic worldview. It is only a mental operation in the crystal level of consciousness and is immediately transcribed into reality."

"Can he does anything?"

"Essentially anything."

"Then why didn't he?"

"Because such power doesn't just fall into a man's lap. You need to be seriously prepared for it and you will not understand its aspects. This Jesus of today is an idealized figure that never existed anyway, the real one has taken a slightly trickier path and I would personally doubt that he had died on the cross."


"Because he couldn't die. Hitler could not die on the First World War either, nor could he shoot himself in the head afterwards."

"How can you compare Jesus to Hitler?"

"It is never possible to say in advance who will become a religious figure or who will not. Because the lambs are not in that perspective, so you have to tell them something. There are those who affect the heart and for noble purposes, some do not, but usually these will become historical figures. This or that way. I would say that the Jews know this very well, but they are like everyone else with the fact that only some Jews understand the connections, others do not. The secular Jews, I think, may have discovered something and been so upset that we see now, then what. I was upset anyway, but I didn’t pull the steering wheel aside toward the limousines, but sat down on my ass in an apartment and figured out the solution at the system level. That I became so fast and cool was actually sponsored by them not sending a single orphan cent to provide my meditations, so I took quite a fighting path. The result of this will be experienced by them just like anyone else."

"Who would you be like"

“I’ve grown out of those I could name from Earth, but last time it was Steve Jobs. Whether he was a religious figure or not will be decided by posterity. This is exactly what happened to Jesus when, a few hundred years later, someone came across the story. Until then, a completely different timelines was used and even after a long time, there was a lot of confusion and plus 300 years on the timeline."

"What if someone who is very smart and has seen the timeline linearly so far understands the future reason in practice?"

"Personal quantum leap."