To be God

 If I claim to be a god, I can even be tied up in a mental hospital. Yet I did not say untruth, only this is misunderstood in the outside world.

"What do they mean in the outside world?"

"That I am the creature they worship in a religious sense."

"What do you mean by that?"

"That you are and everyone is. The difference is the level of consciousness."

"What do you mean I'm a god too?"

"A piece of God, a fragment of consciousness that perceives itself as a separate, autonomous being. The first problem with interpreting this is the interpretation of God himself, for how many dimensions meant everything else. Proof of this is our world, which we see as normal where there are almost three (one)gods."

"What do you mean by god?"

"It's a philosophical question. For if the light is polarized, then God is the point from which it occurs. If the world is a holographic video game, then you man can designate a lot of levels as god. If it is a holographic video game in which several beings place their consciousness, then a god can be the being whose fragment you are and can be the hardware itself (or even the hologram) that provides the framework for the game. But I can complicate it more if you want."


“If, say, you fall into a coma, you also enter the game as one of the gods with new levels, as you lie there unconsciously as a fragment of consciousness and also create holographic projections that others see as human in the third dimension."

"How do you know that?"

"I've been meditating at 0-24 for 20 years and I must have figured that out. The problem is provability to others."

"How can this be proven to others?"

"You mean ordinary, possibly religious people? These people have a belief that is fixed in their childhood and is not based on their own observation and experience, but on doctrines they hear from others. To prove like this to such people can only be if you prove it by their faith. But it will only be a role that can only be played."

"How to play one of these?"

"As a Muslim, it would be more difficult because it would be difficult for a collective consciousness to play out as a specific person, not by chance a pictorial depiction of Allah. But the Christian autumn bearded style would be easier, I would just have to wait until I grow old for the role. It is a symbolism that refers to the Father anyway, which again is just a symbolism and I look forward to the first encounter with aliens for whom the Father will not be a man but a woman, so (s)he will be a Mother. Which would have a strong argument if they knew the chromosomes."

"They do not know?"

“I thought of communicating with someone who lives in the middle of the galaxy, and when the word turned to Hubble Telescope shots, they said the information about the other galaxies was a heresy for them. So I wouldn’t faint from them right away."

"What is this thought communication?"

“When I read Arvisura, it turned out that it used to be as commonplace as cell phones are today. We have TVs, cinemas and mobile phones because this world is extremely real in reality. We experience the holographic level in appearances and the outside world, while elsewhere we do not need a telephone because it can be solved with the mind. Of course in much quieter and calmer conditions."

"What are the special abilities?"

"Turn on cells in your brain that are not used by others. But don’t worry, looking outwardly, we’re a planetary wizard if whoever looks at us doesn’t really use the rational hemisphere of their brain. When you say you are planning your bulk shopping, it is a special ability for such a creature. It really isn’t hard to be a god in a field like this. What’s hard is for both hemispheres of the brain to be that way. Although I don't see why."

"If you could see, what would you think?"

"To be pure bullshit for a sensible, advanced man. If I thought about it like that, I would only do it for joke."

"Those who imagine this, what do they imagine?"

“They want to prove something in front of the others, presumably there may be some childhood complex in the background. 98% is to compensate for some kind of harm and aims to rule over others. And this has nothing to do with God in the philosophical sense. It has a lot more to do with the game."

"Do you have childhood complexes?"

"Who doesn't have them? But with intelligence, everything can be solved."

"Who doesn't or doesn't have much of it?"

"You see them as important people to break into political and economic power. Who then shape the world into their own image."

"What kind of image would you shape the world for?"

"It would be freedom, equality and brotherhood. But according to the present measurement, 3,110 people out of 7 billion would be able to accommodate such a thing. The rest would ruin it immediately."

"What makes you think this?"

“They see nothing objectionable in the way I read that angels chant the glory of God all day. If I were to prove that I am God and make it obligatory that you should chant my glory all day, what would be your opinion of me?"