Heaven and Hell

I make things easier. If a journalist wants to write about this topic, he can use the information.

"Let's cut to the middle. Is there heaven and hell?"-

"Yes, because you believe that and your faith will appear in your projections."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's more important what you mean by that. Imagine a modern high-rise building. If I live on the 3rd floor, then you believe that hell is the second floor and heaven is the fourth. This is what my old observation suggested. Who the angel is and who the demon depends on where you look at him.

"If technically heaven and hell don't exist, what's in their place? What do we create with our faith and how?"

"The cult of god-fear is meant to keep freedom under control. What you believe is what you have. I see religious people as playing a holofantasy game that is projected to the level of reality. This is because the hologram works by generating the Game for yourself depending on what you know and believe about the world. Religions have strict frameworks, so they correspond to what I call the Hologame. Baptism is essentially an initiation registration into this game. I was lucky enough to avoid it, I was born in the existing socialism."

"So you're saying that religions are so strong out of our common faith?"

“A religion should not be strong in the outside world in any way, because there is no easier way to do these things in your head. Faith is fixed by rituals and kneeling education, but this has nothing to do with general spiritual theories but the need for earthly power. It is too early to judge this because one has yet to gather the other party’s arguments and seeing how much assholes there is in the world, it nuances the picture. I too, have given up on raising to the global ‘one reality’ and broken it down into levels (and similar goals within that) creating a multiplex projection that everyone will experience as a victory."

"Where do you do these?"

- In my head. It goes for me at the same time, of course I don't sparkle so verbally at this time. I also have access to the web of consciousness of mankind and that is why I can install things there."

"Then no one will go to hell?"

"Some people see that the ÉlményPark itself is hell, but without the ÉlményPark they would really get there because of their faith."

- Where?

- In this world, if you are wealthy, you are in heaven, if you are penniless, then in hell. However, money has a sense of freedom in which it is very difficult to perform tied meditations. In Tibet it is much easier where the polar shop is a 3 day walk through the snowy mountains. If you don't want to go to Tibet anyway, you really don't need much if you want to do it seriously anyway ... but one of them is a circle that takes care of you, which isn't as easy to put together here as you imagine. Plus, if you’re penniless, you won’t even be of interest to anyone, meaning you can feel in heaven where you can deal with elevated spiritual things. I would like to point out that it is all a matter of point of view and interpretation of who sees what. What is heaven for one is hell for the other and vice versa. However, this makes 3D rendering much easier.

"I mean heaven and hell?"

"Yes. These are here and I would describe them as a sense of life. You can be in hell that everyone sees heaven. Let’s say the life of a lonely celebrity who only sees fans everywhere. Otherwise, controlling what happens to you from the outside after your death is allowed from the outside view because if you’re so stupid as to believe someone, it’s not by accident."

"What about the atheist who thinks there's nothing after his/her death?"

"Since no one notices his/her death in the first person singular, the arrival in parallel reality is accompanied by the memory of only a few, they wake up in their bed in the morning and only remember their current life."

"I mean. Then I will cease."

"What if you look in the mirror and you're the same?"

"If I only remember that reality, I'll lose my life and my friends here."

"Which, let's say, is not so important in the simultaneity of 200 realities."

"Yes, in mine!"

“If you die, it’s very hard to deal with the fact that you have had previous lives and are still waiting for you a lot, but luckily the hologram has solved the continuity. You think in individual consciousness, as if you were one of the players on a chessboard, while the one who answers you doesn’t even understand most of your questions because he/she is in collective consciousness. Such a form of religion can be a celestial endeavor so that chess pieces do not run around again, and a form has emerged in the West, which is a compromise between the state and the church. Upstairs is extremely dangerous because it is based on Freedom, which is chaos for a strict hierarchy."

"So what's going on with an atheist?"

"Nothing will happen in your life. It will be boring and monotonous. It is precisely the state that is the hotbed of meditation."

"But that's where the atheist comes to god, isn't it?"

"And from God's point of view, he/she is the one who never fell before himself/herself and his/her servants."

"How did you think of finding God?"

"Searching for God from a scientific point of view is the official name."

"What makes it scientific?"

"An atheist denies the existence of a god, the scientific view is different. There is no evidence that the god exists, but there is no evidence to the contrary. That is, the possibility that it may exist must be maintained."

"What did you get?"

"That the search for god is the same as the search for death."

"What happens after death?"

“Either you end up in a parallel reality, or you wake up at an earlier point in this time plane one morning in your bed. But your consciousness can also rise to a higher level, where everything is the same, yet with different and similar parameters. I note if you’re not on your own level, it breeds unhappiness because you have to live under constant compulsion to comply. I actually created an opportunity for happiness for everyone to give up staring at others. But if you get into banding, no problem, you go on your own level to where similar people surround you."

"Can this be done in this life?"

"I must know a man who knows. But if I could do it to everyone, I wouldn’t do it until I get a reassuring answer to what will happen to the many corpses."

"With what corpses?"

"If you have a lot of empty tracks and an overcrowded one, you have to start something with the bodies that are left behind."

"I can see you talking about it without the slightest fear."

"Once someone threatened me to death on my spiritual channel. I told him I was doing death research and I was happy with the research opportunities."

"What is this arrogance?"

"The other option is that since I'm coming from above, I can project myself anywhere at any time."

"Where is the boundary between individual consciousness and collective consciousness?"

"Good question! I think right here where we live. For some reason, after the ascent, your brain continues to project around itself the world it knows."

"What could be the reason for this?"

“Maybe the appearance of synthetic drugs or one of my meditations, but the two are not mutually exclusive on different levels. It’s hard to parameterize everything sharply and quickly correct it live, because the hologram, while terribly flexible, is fairly raw."

"What is the purpose of the faith in Heaven and Hell?

- I think it is an attempt to settle the collective consciousnesses and fragments of consciousness trapped in the world of individual consciousnesses. If control over the lambs is in the hands of the shepherds, they can herd the people."

"What does the ÉlményPark do in this?"

"Intelligence and expertise have appeared with the ÉlményPark. So that I only had the first and needed the second very quickly. A number of misunderstandings causing the anomaly have been resolved and the original problem is no longer a problem."

"Where is the Otherworld?"

“It depends on where you look and if you can imagine a boundary, it’s on the other side. Originally, there is continuity into which the ration places the lines."

"What does it mean to be able to install things on the web of mankind?"

"As a beginner, my consciousness flew to the 42nd dimension and I returned as a professional 20 years later."

"An expert of what?"

"I have named this independent trend Modern Esotericism. It can also be found as Rational Esotericism, but towards the Profession is Plastic Spiritual Surgery."

"Has anyone visited you with this?"

"No, but if I did my job well, I won't."

"Then why?"

"I'm not giving up hope."

"Why plastic?"

"What I do is most accurately associated with that."

"They're laughing today."

"My business target group is those who don't. But my interest is also to make them laugh, because one of the goals of the ÉlményPark is entertainment. They laugh at what they want, for me it’s free and it’s revenue."

"Where and in what form?"

"I also care what happens when my consciousness reaches the physical range."

"What's your slogan for death research?"

"He who studies God with a scientific eye does not stop at the first red light."

"Can someone do this after you?"

"I don't think I could do it after me."

"But what about the world?"

"You're going to fix it."

"How? I didn't touch it."

"Of course not! Just before that, I had to understand to create a system over your head that would create a world for you like your world to others."

"What does that mean?"

"Is anything wrong? Shape your world and the world will change for you. It'sslogan: As below, so above.

"They won't let that happen."

"Those you're talking about are laughing at you in the front row of the lodge."

"I don't understand all this."

"Have you played paintball yet?"

"Of course."

"What if they shoot you?"

"You get out of the game and you'll be a spectator."

"Then imagine it's even better. You can't just get out."

"If that's so good, what are you accused of?"

"Right now, by breaking a rule. If one forms a whole new system from the ground up, it will surely come here that he will come into conflict of competence with the old, slow, corrupt, divine analog projection."

"If that's the case, then you're Satan."

"I also realized that this would be the accusation, so I have already started the image change. The sweetness campaign has already run, but this will be done by a separate marketing team in the future."

"Aren't you taking all this seriously at all?"

"The interesting thing is that both sides see me as a fool, but from here they look like it."

"The Purgatory and what they came back from death tell you, what do you explain?"

"Purgatory is actually a process of cleansing, but only for those who leave."

"Leaving where?"

"That's it, we turned back to breaking the rule, which I didn't know and just wanted good. But they were right, because in the versions that followed, it was no longer possible to leave the planet."

"What do you think people mean by that?"

"Everyone has something I haven't written or understood. But it’s not what I write that matters, it’s who got what out of it."