Faith and Knowledge

Your position in the world is determined by these two things. What you know and believe about the world. If either changes, the world needs to get there too, so the transcription for feeling doesn’t happen right away. Deep down, new information needs to be built in, fixed, and interacting with other elements, which doesn’t happen right away, so until then, you’ll be constantly in doubt. You need to be able to deal with this doubt because it is also a belief that can even have the opposite effect.

"What is faith?"

"Approached from the point of view of knowledge, faith is an assumption arising from ignorance."

"Approached from the point of view of intuition, then what?"

"Approached from the point of view of intuition, faith is an attempt to influence the world, which gives a charge to the intention, but we can also call it a dream."

"What is knowledge?"

"Knowledge from the ration's point of view is the present ability to access opportunities."

"And approached by intuition?"

"Knowledge approached from the point of view of intuition is limiting the dream to evidence."

"If one takes turns using his two hemispheres, which would be ideal?"

"Simultaneous use would be ideal, but you can only get here during serious self-improvement. Even initiated people are not capable of this, for he/she who is able to do so can tell of himself/herself that he has a divine ability. If one uses these alternately, it means constant internal wrestling. Therefore, the goal of all people is to strengthen their faith and knowledge, which is not easy because they generate conflicting effects."

"How did you do?"

"When you watch an old TV, you see the movement on the screen stable, but when you look aside, you see flicker. When the 100Hz TV was invented, the picture was stable even when viewed aside, but it still flickered, only much faster, beyond the perceptibility of the eye. Then the new technologies came so fast that you blinked one and they were already obsolete. I similarly managed to develop and come up with new technologies."

"What does that mean? Don't you really use it at the same time?"

"It was like that at one time, but I managed to believe it was happening all at once."


"It's a behind-the-scenes war where you can gain power by simply tuning in to the targets and all their knowledge will be yours. One trick, by contrast is bluff."

"What happens if someone believes something?"

"What you believe is yours. This is actually the key to this holographic video game that you see as your daily life."

"Then what does the atheist do? Are they limiting theirself?"

“Faith in an atheist, because non-faith is also a faith, is good for being able to break a dream, thus gaining protection from magic."

"What is magic?"

"People often mix it with esotericism. Esotericism is when you examine yourself within yourself. And magic is when you examine others within yourself."

"If everyone is a 'other you, as you say, aren't the two one and the same?"

"Definitely not at the entry level. The goal of individual consciousness is to unite with collective consciousness, in other words, enlightenment. I did some research from the perspective of the collective consciousness and came to the conclusion that his/her experience of enlightenment could be the opposite of that, that is, appearing in the individual consciousness."

"Then he who seeks enlightenment in individual consciousness, according to them, has already attained it, and what he is doing is, in fact, a kind of regression?"

"The world is full of mistakes. One is that we are not born enlightened. But it is far from certain that it is a mistake to think about what it would be like if you already knew everything at birth. If I had known everything at birth, I would never think of development. As for the experiment with the law of large numbers from there, one day someone will be able to figure out problems for which they can find solutions."

"What do you believe and how much do you know?"

"I believe in myself and in the work I do, in its quality. And I don't know anything."

"It's hard to believe after such conversations."

"I'm really just convincing you that I can."

"I don't understand that, and I'm getting a little nervous about it."

"One of the characteristics of the ration is that you want to understand everything immediately. You are taking a big step forward if you give up on this."


"On the one hand, these are complex things that if you wanted to understand right away without proper preparation, you would go insane because you wouldn’t be able to handle your brain. The other is already a professional field because one of the tactics against mind readers and copiers of knowledge is when you know nothing."

“But you cannot say that you know nothing when you say things and in a way that has never been seen before in the history of written esoteric literature."

"I admit I know things which I find difficult to articulate. It can be understood that you can only imagine this with the knowledge in my pocket. When thought readers and copiers find it, they search my pockets and find nothing. Not because they don’t see the wall around us that is full of bookshelves. When you see things like this from me, I just take out the necessary books and read parts of it. What I do know is that I speak clearly from these parts so that there is a system in it."

"Then what do mind readers read to you?"

"Either their own thoughts or something fake, which is already one of my developments for these cases. Their own thoughts are most often just beliefs based on fears and other assumptions. And the fake, for my part, is a fighting act and is intended to manipulate the other."

"How to read an idea?

“You can only read an idea if you don’t have your own thoughts, because if you have them, they mix with each other and you don’t get a clear picture. And you can read so that the thoughts of the target appear in your empty head."

"I don't understand that at first."

"When you read these, who do you think they're talking to? Because an uninitiated eye would say to this that this bastard is talking to himself. I set this to be my writing style. But these are actually existing conversations with existing people who are you anyway, readers and I’m so good because when you read, you’re already reading your own questions in your mind. I select these and shape them into a verbal form."

"What if they read later than when you describe them?"

"You read in 3D and I write in XD."

"Can copiers copy this knowledge?"

"Of course they do. They all copy it, just can’t access it because their brains aren’t good enough for it. That is why he all feels that ‘this man knows nothing’."

"If that knowledge is there with them, sooner or later one of them may find out under the law of large numbers, right?"

"If he/she finds out, he/she'll find out how big monkeys he/she works for because then his/her brain will be more developed. He/she will also see how much of a bitch he/she has been so far, making available to monkeys for money what is inexpressible in money. This is what any scientist does every day anyway. And the monkeys secure their power over them with a confidentiality agreement."

"Who are the monkeys?"

“I accept that this is offensive to a holo sapiens, so I coined a word for lower-angle people who wanted to rule others and that became mayom (i.e monkei)."

"Aren't you a mayom?"

"I don't want to rule others, but I can always be low-angle. For example, from the perspective of a mathematician who would see that I don’t even remember the quadratic equation anymore."

"While you pretend to be a hologrammer?"

"You don't need math, just precise dreaming."

"I mean, magic."

"Which can be esoteric to me if I have the level of consciousness."

"What is esotericism?"

"If you cut a small piece from a hologram sheet of paper with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you will not see the small piece, but the whole image in small. If you examine a tiny slice of yourself in yourself and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world within you. The purpose of esotericism is to find this path."

"Then what is your knowledge?"

"It's like I can read among the illiterate."

"Don't you believe in God?"

"You mean in your god? When you don't even know what's the difference between God and the Lord? Imagine when I was communicating with other galaxies, someone barely understood the concept of ‘god-fearing man’ because they couldn’t imagine who was afraid of God. You take it for granted. So please don't try to convert me."

"Otherwise, what would it be?"

"There were people on the street who stopped and tried. The time has come when I did not go on without a word, but stopped to talk to them. I asked a few questions where it was immediately felt that we were not in a weight group, especially after the answers ‘because it is in the Bible’."

"What if they're shot you once?"

"I've been shot a lot of times. Don’t think in the belief of ‘one reality’."