What can cause

...  triple explosions in cars falling from high places in every American movie with such huge shock waves?

"Have a good day, traffic control. Open the trunk, please."

"Hi Sheriff. Can I take my hands off the wheel? Not in the shooting mood?"

"Don't humor under official procedure with the police medium."

"Then I'll get out and pop the trunk."

"Let me see your hands while you get out."

"I'll open it."

"What's this?"

"A few kilos of TNT. There's more in the middle over the chassis and in the front of the engine."

"Get your hands up and get on your knees now! Now on your stomach, hands spread. I'm gonna manacle you."

"On what grounds?"

"You're transporting explosives in your car."

"More and more Americans are doing it. It's the new fad. You don't know about this?"

"I don't get much of this Yankee bullshit. You don't know about this?"

"Are you arresting me for this?"

"Answer me then, why are you carrying a significant amount of explosives in your car!"

"The point is, if you crash or slide off the road over a cliff, as much as possible, look like what happens in our movies."

"I haven't heard such bullshit in a long time."

"The world is changing, they're so behind the times with their laws."

"Welcome to our little hotel in the basement of my office, where I'm sure you'll spend days enjoying our hospitality, sir. Let's go."

"That was awesome! Did you practice in front of the mirror?"

"City boys like you do tend to disappear around here from time to time."