Turn On the Ratio

Normally, no one would consider this a military operation. Yet this was one of my most ingenious actions to stop the occupation and even the counterattack.

One of my most spectacular experiences is that they behave exactly like you or even me in the beginning. Although there may be different reasons for this depending on the quality of the person. When I discovered my spiritual abilities in myself, it was not for the sake of dominion over the others, but for the sake of practicing the ability, that I began to try them. At that time, I did not yet know that those who initiated me could hardly expect this, and then, accusing me of becoming unworthy of these, would immediately take away these abilities. Completely forgetting the unworthy ways and purposes they began to use them.

When one begins to perceive the spiritual world, that is, the first experiences take place, the reflexes that are implanted in us begin. But for me, it happened differently because religions have avoided me in my prehistory, and what stuck to me from this is also more from the esoteric literature, which has focused more on the individual path. When I got into a couple of spiritual groups for evidence and data gathering, I came to the conclusion that this is not fake, so this world does exist, but it is certain that something is not right with priests and masters.

I don’t consider myself a stupid person, but I was weird that I didn’t understand a word of the performances, but everyone around me apparently did. This is the team spirit that is one of the biggest traps in such cases. We sat in the very first such group in a room, I'm in the back row and the master held a guided meditation. That is, he said what he had to imagine and see in front of us with our eyes closed. But I didn't see anything. When it was over, he asked who saw it all and everyone raised their hands. Then came the question of who didn’t see it and I applied alone. All eyes were on me. He asked me what I saw, I said nothing. I'm not ready for that yet, which I agreed with and I decided that I would get to deal with it when I was 30-40, when I would have a family and would rather live my life longer.

I am convinced that few in this group has seen anything, but no one dared to put their hand away from acting like me. People want to belong to a community and rather lie to what the master wants to hear in order to be part of the community. But this cannot be done by banding, only in solitude alone! In solitude, however, you alone have to call everything to yourself and you don’t just get it in the form of initiations simply, easily and quickly. It was later revealed that a complete criminal organization had been formed on these energies to be taken away from those to whom they came. And you receive these initiations from them in great love so that they may come to you earlier, which they will give to you as if you were receiving from them, and with a lifelong gratitude or obligation to contribute to it. The system was developed, but I got into it at the age when it was still being built in Hungary. Where the celestial groups that have faced this energy-stealing mafia have managed to settle down ... and as it turns out, they're not the same, they're even worse than them.

It was clear that I couldn’t be caught in the traditional ways because I didn’t go there because of belonging to the community, but I saw in them an opportunity to move forward on my individual journey. I didn’t even understand an orphan word from what was being talked about there, and while I found these weekends interesting, I wasn’t so excited about the supposed Heavenly Father, who also has a treasury. Plus, I haven’t seen a spaceship, but they say half the galaxy is there to watch what’s happening to us. Gathering data and evidence like this is a difficult thing in a place like this because it’s about doing what they ask for and watching what happens in yourself. What happened was that they knocked my Sun Angel out of me and put their own in its place. This was the beginning of their calvary, the first encounter with the Thinking Man. He then had to be quickly removed from there and tied with their energies so that he could not move so as not to cause trouble.

And I was in a situation I would never have been in any other way, so that I had no choice but to stand on it completely. When one begins to do this, one gets information that these are powerful, superior, advanced beings, and when it has come down that they are actually quite fools, the other myths also began to shatter. They are stupid because they do not have our logic-based ration. Instead, a different kind of intelligence moves people, what we call Collective Consciousness, and I have already found myself in it in scientific god research. The difference between a scholarly approach to god research and an atheist is that the atheist denies the existence of a god, while a scientific approach cannot rule out its existence, it just cannot prove it. During the denial, I had the suspicion that it was a suction for people who live in the scientific worldview reality and such suspicions have yet arisen, of which I cannot report here in one writing.

One of my most shocking realizations was that when the first spiritual experiences reach us and most people bow down with religious reverence, it is no different than when the first Europeans appeared somewhere and everyone bowed down, say in front of a lighter. What is happening to us is also what happened to the natives, that is, they capture us in energy production. f anyone used their minds, they would realize that what is planted for us, that is, the arrival of the higher, advanced species, who will help us, is a great nonsense, because you are not interested in the lower groups of people either. Those who, if you kindly turn to them, immediately look you as stupid and pull off where they can. Here, for example, is this dogma of ‘Jesus takes upon Himself your sins’, which, if you think about it more, would mean that there is this sucker named Jesus who is willing to suffer so that you can still fall into sin with courage and continue to exploit others, ie. your money-hungry life.

It is no coincidence that the primary goal of these forces is to immediately turn off the ration in people with the ‘Ego is the enemy’ talk, with which they gain your cooperation for this. While you are losing the only thing that can elevate you above these beings, that is your common sense. They do it to hunt down the people in whom the Heart awakens and immediately place it under heart arrest if they are able to identify you. If you go into such a group, you will identify yourself and from now on you will definitely have to go on an extreme arc if you want to continue your individual journey, which the collective will be extremely hostile to. That’s why I became a warrior because I wasn’t originally that, I trained myself to be that, because for me, surrender was never an option and I became a fool. On the one hand, in the eyes of their people, because only a fool can think that he can win against them, despite the fact that every successful person says that if you stand in your way with confidence and endure hardships, success will await you in the end. On the other hand, in the eyes of the collective, because if they occupy you, from then on you will already be part of them and only a fool will confront the boss. Here the example of the Catholic Church hovered before my eyes, which grew from a small esoteric community into a world religion by isolating itself and establishing its prestige.

I don’t have a group and there will never be exactly what I saw in these groups. In a microenvironment like this, it’s amazingly hard to avoid sectarianism and I’ll tell you why. If people are to be sought for this, a very strict personnel policy must be pursued, the result of which is that you would have to send masses of people before a suitable person falls. However, the trendy trend is to attract as many people as possible indiscriminately so that you can be successful quickly in the short term. So you can already trample on those who do it fairly, because there are those who you will speak out overly because they will not look cool. If you have a bunch of unsuitable people to raise to a level of strength, you need to make sure immediately that they are not dangerous to you, that is, you need to build a hierarchy on it. Because the master focuses primarily on the spiritual planes, he will have neither the time nor the capacity to keep the physical plane under control and will need people to whom he can entrust it. Many masters became like puppets who had no idea to make a sect, but their disciples did! Imagine yourself in their place as they approached the spiritual planes, meaningfully moved away from their earthly careers, and in this they saw the possibility of being the bosses of those who would arrive later.

I’ve never looked at people who they are now, but who they might be when they become who they are. When I developed all sorts of things during the fights, I didn’t think I might be too good. I remember a day when Orion shone in my mind, energy points literally opened up around me and a ray of energy flowed over me that later made me realize that my camouflage was so good that that ray came here. Which certainly should have been for someone else according to preliminary plans. But if they have already come here, from now on it is my responsibility to whom I give it, that is, who is the rightful owner. And here we come to the fundamental misunderstanding between the thinking of the collective and the individual consciousness. The collective consciousness indignantly demanded that I give it to those whom she had appointed, but I refused those vile worms. During the tests, it also turns out that if I give it to those to whom I can add my name, the collective will immediately take it from them and redirect it to the worms. It turns out that the collective does not value the value system that the individual consciousness, in order to be fair, form yourself, because only loyalty matters to him (may be 'him' below, but definitely 'her' up), they do not have to think anyway. In the end, I had to decide, with all that energy, that (by mistake, I’m not so sure anymore) came here and couldn’t give it to anyone, what? It has become to the best of my ability to accomplish these tasks myself by immersing myself in the role. This is how I became essentially every god you can read about in the various books.

Now it would be up to me to give advice to people who want to correct their lives. I start by saying that when a collective does something, it never looks at it from the perspective of the other, because for him/her there is nothing relevant outside the collective. However, for those on an individual journey, I would have a key piece of advice, mainly because they can use their minds to visit many ranges where laws and regulations are quite different. The law of counteraction is that the cause you cause will have a rebound effect on you and you can defend this as follows (now I will not go into it, if you lick the boss, you will burden them on others):

 Don’t do to someone else what you wouldn’t be happy about if someone else did it to you
and then such great trouble cannot touch you.

Never forget that this power is also a responsibility that the occupying collective also directs to others, which is a good thing until a guy like me defeats them. And then you are very, very sucked! I have encountered so much, but so much darkness among those who call themselves Beings of Light that it is amazing and I have realized that they are like us too, if you put the word ‘democratic, Democrat’ in the name of something, you certainly are not. Sure, in their interpretation, they are the Light and we are the Darkness, but like I said, it’s all just a matter of interpretation.

The problem with them is what’s with us when we realize we have magic power, that we think we can use them with impunity, and from a little magic power we already imagine that we are the greatest wizards on Earth. They’re same with the sane, a little boost to their rational hemisphere and they all think they are the smartest. The purpose of occupation, by the way, is that if your intuitive hemisphere of your brain turns on, it can be reflected over the rational level of your competence to the rational and they can access your world in a way that you know nothing about. You will only feel that there is a power over you that you are helpless against and you have no choice but to accept their power.

But now they are faced with an opponent who played the same thing with them backwards and teased their rational hemisphere in such a way that they didn’t even notice it. How? When something happens that you don’t understand what do you do? You reach for your intuitions. In the world of intuition, however, it is the other way around and so you can understand that from their point of view, we are none other than a planetary wizards.

The secret to fast IQ increase

Try to see yourself realistically through the eyes of others.

"Do you realistically see yourself in your own eyes?"

"That's why you can't send me a woman. Because my first question is, what does a woman like you want from a man like me? During the fights I lost my teeth, I don’t even have income and even my belly grew a bit of a pants size."

"What would you answer to that?"

"It would be easier for me, because honesty isn't a problem for me."