Turn Off the Hearth

Is one stupid? Why does he want to turn his heart off? Why he does the opposite of what everyone would aim for? Why is it good to live without a heart? It’s just a low-angle issue, which I acknowledge is justified from that point of view, but I’m not at that point of view.

"Do you answer these questions?"

"It would be completely unnecessary, because he/she who is not in this perspective does not understand anything."

"They understand something, don't you?"

"What they understand will only be a problem."

"Give me an example."

"Jesus was never Lord. In fact, what you have made today is contrary to everything he represented."

"But why do you have to turn your heart off?"

“The Heart is not a smart man and if I don’t do this, we can say goodbye to the ideal future."

"What kind of world would it be without the Heart present?"

"Peaceful, calm. I’ve mentioned several times that so far where I’ve been, I’ve felt the best in the machine worlds."

"Will it be with everyone?"

"No. Only with me and those who gain some level of access to my world."

"Will it be like 'Brave New World'?"

"You forget it's their world and it's ideal for them. And you look at it from the perspective of your own world, with which you destroy that world. Is your world ideal? No. But you can yamming it in the armchair and that’s one of the reasons I don’t say more about it."

"How to turn off the heart?"

"The occupier must be disturbed from there."

"What does this look like in the outside world?"

"You'll see."

"Why do not you tell me?"

“Because the Mayoms would misunderstand and put me in roles with their faith that I don’t play anyway."

"What does it mean to be your world? Where is it and what does it look like?"

"Realities are falling apart. This will be one day. And yours too. And hers. I call it Multiplex Projection. At your dimensional level, in the same knot of reality as you in a world that matches your quality."

"If you turn your heart off and there are others with you who realize they'd rather turn it on, what about them?"

"They die in mine and wake up in their new world."

"What happened to you that made you stand so?"

"My dimensional level is far beyond my heart. I did experiments and worked out a way to solve it so that my world would be like a Heart in it."

"Love on the rational hemisphere?"



"It would deserve about five times the Nobel Prize, it is a pity that those who give it here are not suitable for judging this achievement."

"What does 'some level of access to your world' mean?"

"There's Guest, guest rules, for example. It has three degrees, but if there is a need to further nuance it, it will become five and remain open for further development. The guest can enjoy the benefits of my world, but cannot interfere in the processes."

"How can someone get in there?"

"To what extent are you at home in the functioning of consciousness networks?"

"Not at all."

"In a dream. When you sleep on your own level in your own world."

"Could it be that someone is moving in as a guest?"

"No. As a guest, you can only raise the level of eligibility, which can give the illusion of moving in, but that’s nothing more than staying here constantly in the time frame available to you. Sooner or later it becomes a problem and then your eligibility level decreases because you neglect your other things."

"What kind of things do I have?"

"Learning, healing and working with your world."

"If you had to describe the Heart in one word, what would you say to it?"

"Primitive. But this is also understandable if you are not at my dimensional level."

"Then you'll never be in love?"

"After what I've seen, it's unlikely. Although it may be that once the Heart reaches this dimensional level and then maybe. His/her framework is now designed to eliminate potential errors."

"Is there a non-primitive woman for you who, say, uses her mind?"

"I've never met one like this. It may still exist, but it will not reach my dimension level even then."

"How do you know?"

"They can't do it over our heads here either. Nor is the 7th dimensional being who is ‘the’ god from a 3D point of view."

"Then how did you you?"

"So I don't think I could repeat the journey. Since my presence is not normal, I have arranged things in such a way that in the lower worlds where I am present I do not stand out, that is, I have no greater power than the guest."

"What makes you present in such a world?"

"Is there a task for me. Where there is no such task, I feel good there."

"You say this will make your world. What kind of world will it be?"

"I have an idea for Heaven on Earth."

"Why doesn't everyone get this?"

"Because few are barely worth it."