The third dimension

The third dimension is an interesting zone. Technically, it consists of three spatial and one time dimensions. Events in this dimension cannot happen at the same time, so a kind of spatial curvature developed that created time. The emergence of time from a higher dimension made it virtually incomprehensible to follow the third dimension. Especially in light of the fact that every major decision creates parallel realities and smaller ones open and close alternative realities.

When I was a beginner, but there was already a communication of thought with the higher self, after a while I realized that they had no faint idea of ​​who I am in which reality. Until then, I used the pre-concept that I think everyone knows, that they know everything and are completely in the picture. Immersed a little more, I could compare the situation to that of a HDD read head. When you sense continuity on your monitor, the data is actually scrambled on the hard drive and the head bounces back and forth to ensure data continuity. Our continuous timeline may be similar when viewed from there. We may perceive this one piece of reality as one piece and continuous, but I don’t feel that way. The stable outside world is just an illusion, I would rather call it skin, that is, it is just a scenery and it can happen smoothly while we jump back and forth between the time planes in terms of content.

When a person becomes a higher dimension (enough getting high), on the one hand, we get closer to the above, and on the other hand, alternative reality openings multiply. This results in the ability to see or feel into the future, because then you do not see into the future, but you perceive these alternative realities, which may not actually open in physical form. While it is also doubtful to me that what we live in has ever opened up in this sense, here is an example of hypnosis, which is actually a refutation of objective reality. If, under hypnosis, you believe that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. It is no accident that I emphasize the holographic video game analogy, because it is more evidence that the world is just a projection and I do not accidentally call the third dimension a monitor.

It could also be easy that what happened to me set a precedent and I am the one who created 3D in the higher dimensions. It’s worth knowing that to this day, there are perceptibly total dilettante beings above me who are forcing something without really considering my position. Behind the thing, for sure, is that they obey orders, so they don’t listen to me, because they either don’t have permission to do so, or in the absence of a logical ration, they can’t even understand the things that seem simplest to us. What happened to me and what precedent was set. Looking back on my life before my meditations, as I began to put together the fact that I was prepared for this from the beginning, I realized that they were trying to kill me from the beginning. It just never works. After all, it is thanks to this that the situation has become even worse for them with my head injuries, which have elevated me to even deeper levels of consciousness and thus even higher rank. Who I am now is not what they saw me for a long time, otherwise they would not dare to lame and fool me to this day, but would have fled for a long time. The purpose of the assassination against me, I think, was to get me out of 3D, instead 3D came up to the 42nd dimension, creating a kind of elevator, which - to scare them a little bit - I called the Pillar of Light because I read something about it, which is actually this is what came about. What happened in practice was that I was sitting in the back seat of a car, driven by a fresh driver licence drunk man in a pretty macho mood. I’m sure whoever organized this didn’t expect one thing that I would be able to slip into a trance in complete peace even in these circumstances and woke up in the hospital after the frontal accident. Where it immediately became apparent that the spiritual background radiation had changed and that was what started my death research.

Death only makes sense in ‘one reality’ and only in 3D, so they don’t really understand the fear of death on the spiritual levels either. Because the continuity created by time applies not only within a lifetime, but also beyond what we mean by the soul migration, but I can assure everyone that this view is completely false. For he who speaks of soul migration does so in the exclusivity of the outside world, translating when you die, your soul leaves somewhere outward. Your soul is not wandering anywhere! The higher dimensions are not outside, but inside. But since what you believe you have is, in fact, we are the ones who created them outside, making things much more difficult for those who experience all of this in the worlds of the Dream, in other words, in spiritual reality. All this can be understood by the example of chess. In this interpretation, you are a chess piece, from whose point of view the other chess pieces are autonomous beings independent of you, that is, you perceive yourself in individual consciousness. Which can only be interpreted in 3D. In fact, every chess piece on the board is you from a collective point of view, meaning if you knocked down, you still stay there, only the chess piece falls out. You have no experience of death. But because the interpretation of individual consciousness, as well as the continuity of the larger image beyond it (in the absence of death) is maintained, you are born again in another body. When one body dies, the soul leaves, say, inward and appears from within the new body. Roughly this would be what was the essence of Jesus’s original teachings and has come out of it for today. What remains today is an interest in individual consciousness, which I also began to support (for a different purpose and form, of course) when I saw what the collective hierarchy operating on the spiritual planes causes on the physical plane. Essentially unlivable worlds where there is not much happiness, only by command. Here, too, I got the urge to close the physical world with boundaries and begin the transformation of external societies, because the physical plane is a world of individual consciousness where dictatorship on a spiritual plane has nothing to gain.

However, this closure does not mean that I close the physical plane from them, I rather extended the holographic video game to them with the viewer and player login system. This eliminates the problem of any vile bastard not having access to anyone just because he is a spiritual being. What is shocking to me is the underdevelopment and primitiveness I have encountered where they dare to call themselves divine levels and I will not say more about this here because I do not want to take the subject in such directions. Rather, you should be proud to have minds and not lick the tricks of them, and then, as mindless little people, watch what they do to your worlds. The fact that I have achieved such a rank and that the ÉlményPark has been created is a chance that all such problems will be solved at the system level.

I'll tell you how. The separation of the two worlds is done in such a way that spiritual beings have access to one physical level in which they can experience the physical plane. This is called Holo Film, also known as Reality Simulation, in my own terminology. There are bound scenarios in it with the maximum illusion of free will so that not a single fart in it happens by accident. They can experience the physical world without messing with anything in it. So this is the zone of descending consciousness. And for the ascending I know, the Holo Game, also known as Earth Heaven, has been created, in which there is free movement and decision-making. The competition can continue here, but only those who are able to put into practice that everyone here is an 'Other You' can get here. For we cannot speak of heaven on earth when cruelty is present, when the exploitation of the other is present, it is true, it only works if unworthy people do not enter. There’s another third zone, and that is the Holo Show, where creatures from the two worlds can meet and compare their abilities. Our television quiz shows are the most similar to the atmosphere here, but you can only get to the admin level dealing with the organization on a permanent basis.