The Jerk Self

He is a very honest character, but magically indefensible.

"Listen, why are you doing this?"

"I want to fuck those girls. If I submit to you guys, I'll be so low in the hierarchy, I won't have a chance."

"Seriously, why are you doing this?"

"My company wasn't doing well and I wanted to find out why. I knew what was happening Below was happening Above, so I went up to see. I couldn't understand why, if I had a good idea and the business plan wasn't off the wall, why nothing was working."

"Maybe you should have been born in America."

"I realised this when an honest business manager told me that he thought I had no chance because no one would talk to me like that. Everyone will be afraid of their own world and because I am not part of their circle, only the smaller companies will see me as a chance until they grow."

"So why did you keep doing it?"

"Because it wasn't a backdoor for me. Nobody cared what happened to me and they didn't give a damn whether I died or not, just to keep me out of their world."

"So what did you find upstairs?"

"The more interesting question is what they found in me. Because it was the first time they had seen a man who treated them as equals and had never encountered spirituality before."

"Atheists are finished upstairs, even idiots know that."

"Except I'm not an atheist."

"Do you believe in God?"

"I consider the question of God to be a philosophical question. But if you understand the concept, god already exists by your own creation."

"Are you religious?"

"I'm not even baptized."

"Then how did you survive?"

"It became a scientific approach to the study of God. Which means there's no evidence that god exists, but no evidence to the contrary. I mean, I've left the possibility open all along."

"What happened to you?"

"Until then. That one of the infidel masters wanted to eliminate the problem created by my person by shooting up my consciousness in the hope that I would be killed instantly."

"How far did you get?"

"To the 42nd dimension."

"You'd go crazy in the sixth dimension."

"If I hadn't had some serious head trauma that I think caused a unique spiritual mutation."

"If you reached such a high dimensional level, why weren't you born in America?"

"At first I thought it was a mistake too. The stupid thing they did was to parameterize themselves as the most advanced human society on Earth. That's how I ended up in Hungary. And I wouldn't want to change that later."

"But why did you come back here? Who is the idiot who returns from there?"



"I decided to save the world."

"But from what? Now you can have it."

"It's worth nothing if I join the winners and, say, get the Earth. I dared to dream bigger than that."

"How big?"

"You have no idea. I didn't get it until around the 26th dimension."

"Are you facing the world?"

"That's what's sporting value about winning. I've already got half of it, because you can't kill me. When you could have, greed got the better of you."

"What about us?

"What would have happened to me?

"So you want to fuck those girls?"

"I'm not interested anymore. Neither does my company."