The God-Paradox

"So you are saying that everyone is a piece of god and how much of a piece is determined by their level of consciousness?"

"I prefer to use the term Source for this, because not everyone would understand the same thing by the word god."

"But is Source the same as god?"

"The Source can also be a projector."

"What is the dimensional level of the Source?"

"I give an interesting example, because those who don't use their brains are very easy to send for nuts to the higher dimensions. If you are sitting in a cinema and you see a movie screen, which is huge and full of vision, it is projected from one point by a projector."

"Would the Source then be 1st dimensional?"

"It could easily be."

"Then what's the point of looking up at everyone in higher dimensions?"

"You can watch a simple cartoon, but I think CGI visuals are better. "

"So everything is backwards?"

"No, it's more complicated than that. It's just that simplicity is the purpose of the conversation here."

"Could it be that The Source is 1st dimensional, but god say 7th?"

"Maybe. But if you ask a 12th dimensional being, they'll see it differently."

"Did you really get your consciousness to the 42nd dimension?"

"And beyond, because the job goes beyond 42."

"What job is that?"

"Restoring the world."

"What do you mean by the world?"

"The human mind is capable of comprehending the multiverse, but the ÉlményPark has since been elevated to the higher level. The interesting thing is that I typed it into two translation programs and looked it up in English. But since English knows the term multiverse, and it's like lego with words anyway, you can also lego with it. If mindenség = everything, then it makes sense that világ-mindenség would be world-everything, although that doesn't make any sense. This English language is problematic anyway, because I admit it's cool, but - and here I offer this link for those who are more deeply interested in this problem - it's not suitable for higher dimensional verbal communication. Hungarian, on the other hand, is. I also have websites in English, which, although they give a lot back, are only 70-80% of the Hungarian one, where you can go much deeper and include hidden information."

"If someone doesn't want to start reading now, can you get the gist of it?"

"I quote: George Bernard Shaw: The dramas of the English (Irish, by the way) prince of writers are known and loved by Hungarian audiences. It is little known that the writer devoted considerable energy to the study of the Hungarian language. In an old radio statement, he said: '...a truly gifted English writer, despite the great advantages already mentioned, faces insurmountable difficulties. I can honestly say that I am very often unable to express my feelings and thoughts with complete accuracy in my mother tongue. Our language is rich, big and practical, but relatively young... I can safely say that, after years of studying Hungarian, I have become convinced that if Hungarian had been my mother tongue, my life's work would have been much more valuable. Simply because in this strange language, full of ancient power, it is possible to describe the subtle differences and the secret emotions many times more accurately. In Hungarian, instead of using propositions, the endings of most words can be varied enormously. This operation can express and faithfully reproduce even the slightest emotional emotion. By comparison (and here I apologise to the Honourable Audience), I often find that in our English I am unable to accurately render what I am saying according to my inner conscience most of the time, and instead of getting where I want to go with certainty, I just wander and wander my way around the particular bush in our proverbial phrase. (I am just going and going around the bush.)"."

"What you're saying is that anyone who wants to rise above the English-speaking world has to learn Hungarian."

"I think that learning Hungarian itself can give you a sense of enlightenment, because you have to switch on certain brain cells in the intuitive hemisphere. Just look at a book on Hungarian grammar, which, although it can be learned, I think it's more of a feeling."

"Can you separate the Source and the God?"

"Everything can be separated, but everything can still remain one at the holographic level."

"Let me ask it another way. If you interpret Source in the 1st dimension, at what dimensional level can God be?"

"I think the admin god is in dimension 0, and the game god is the one who gets to the highest dimension."

"What is the difference between the two?"

"The admin god deals with the system itself, the game god deals with the content. For those who live in the External World, the admin god is less meaningful and there is no point in praying to him in a direct sense. This is the game god's job, and there are many of them, the universe is quite big. If we look at monotheistic religions, we can find a mixture, and it is no coincidence that Christianity also uses the term Lord. If we put them together, we have the Lord, the source, the creator, the originator, so we need a theologian to interpret this, who must also be a theologian with a deep level of consciousness to understand the differences."

"If your level of consciousness is like that, you could easily say you are God, couldn't you?"

"Which I'd have to prove, but if I did, I'd only get as far as Satan."


"I'm not religious, I'm not even baptised. That would certainly exhaust the definition of Satan. But there is a serious logical problem here. If I were a god and appeared on Earth, I could only do so in an atheist, if I didn't want to bow down to myself or my servants. It is no accident that such a person would be executed on the spot in some Islamic countries. If I were to continue my logical reasoning and choose someone other than God, Satan would be the only one who could be considered, because he has the freest role."

"What do you think a priest would say?"

"I'll find out once I meet one who has read this."

"How do you have the nerve?"
"When Christianity came into being, how did the man who created it have the nerve to do that? But I could also say Islam. I am not going to talk about the Jews, because everyone knows that they are very nice people and it is not right to hurt the victim anyway."