First of all, I would like to make it clear that if you are into this, it is an individual journey. That means that what I'm talking about is just a spiritual framework that is a tool for you to take that path. You are not stepping into anything and I am not your master. When I made this framework, I needed it for my own journey, but the results are suitable for the universal development of humanity. After this, you will still be on your own path, only you will have the opportunity to do it on another level in a quality that was unattainable for an earthly person before.

The framework is built from absolute zero and if you bring in other systems, it can handle them, giving you the characteristics of your individual path. Those who go the individual path are faced with many problems that one could solve only once, but those who have done so have all used them in groups, in religious communities, that is, they have gone off the individual path to use these solutions to their own advantage. Since I am not baptised either, I have avoided the thinking that always looks to someone else, preferably a higher power, to solve problems. No one here will solve your problems and do your tasks for you, nor will anyone in return take credit for your achievements and steal the fruits of your work. 

I use IT terms not only because it was the only way I could solve a task that was well beyond my capabilities and capacity, but also because it is in this sense that it is feasible to have the same terms understood by the parties to mean the same thing. The question of God remains unchanged and if you look for it, there is still no clear answer. My own experience is that every dimension has a different understanding of the concept and I do not think that the right direction is for others to give their own or learned answers. God can be anyone who says he is and is believed to be anyway. I think this is primarily a philosophical question that should be defined first and only then begin to be found, otherwise one can easily run into dead ends towards which one's fears or needs lead one.

CHAPTER ONE | What is the world

If you are hypnotized into believing that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. This is also a refutation of objective reality, which is impossible according to the current state of science. But if we step back from the current state of science, we can attempt to explain this scientifically. How is this possible? Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness in which you lose control of your mind, which actually determines your interpretation of the world, which means that your hand can only be burnt by a glowing piece of metal. If it does happen, it means that your beliefs have taken over the determination of events with the help of an external agent who has made you believe it. If you have believed this and the event happens according to your belief, which goes against the position of science, we have a word for that and that is magic. Because that's the only way something contrary to the position of science can happen.

The question arises, if one can do this under hypnosis, can one do it while awake? Because the one who can do it would be the real magician. To do this, you have to transform what you know and believe about the world so that your waking state does not affect your beliefs, but this is not easy. Now if you were to suddenly transform your beliefs based on what you read here, it would only be true faith if it happened in the deep. And that takes time, for you have set yourself a goal on the timeline, towards which you have set out from this moment. That you will reach it, there is no guarantee, because you will face many difficulties, I will come to why in a moment. For now, it's just a matter of discovering the role of faith, which, coupled with knowledge, will determine your place in the world.

The world has countless ways of making sense of it. In computer science interpretation, there is no other simple way to explain the essence than to say that the world is a holographic video game in which you live, that is, you actually play, and the essence of this game is reality. If you look out of your eyes, you can see it immediately in the first person singular. So this game program is a projection for consciousness, which projects a physical environment around the entry point of consciousness, which in this case is you. When I came to this realization, my next question was, could this game be done any better? It certainly can. For this I needed the spiritual framework, which is technically a holo operating system. Installed on the web of humanity's consciousness, where it's like Linux appears alongside Windows. Since the holographic environment is extremely flexible, the two systems project a world, but more accurately, a shared reality forms the basis of the Game, which I now have a more favourable way of ordering than the hierarchies I had previously known.

CHAPTER TWO | Who are you

Everyone who lives on the physical plane of the third dimension is an autonomous being independent of the others. However, this does not mean that you are what you see yourself to be, because the world may not be what you see it to be. It is more likely that you are a fragment of a much larger consciousness that is connected to the Game from some dimensional level and living your life as an autonomous human being. But this raises a question that could be the equivalent of the eternal god/satan debate, whether it is best for you to collectivise or remain an individual. The religions that have their origins in the sky say that collectivisation is the way to go, but I'm doing my own research in the meantime and I've got a vision that could change everything. If we assume that for the individual, enlightenment means conscious contact with the collective consciousness, then it could easily be that for the collective consciousness the same equates to enlightenment in the individual. If this is true, then the main question is not whether one is God or Satan, but whether one finds the ideal position between the collective and the individual.

When I ascended, and not in the way that people ascend, I was very upset by what I found through the eyes of a thinking man. I realised that the celestial environment that we think of as advanced, intelligent and omniscient is nowhere near the level of development, intelligence and knowledge that we understand by these terms. It is not very easy to explain this to either scientists or priests, because I have gone into an area where neither is at home. I also had to invent and create the solution myself, in a headwind from here on, because every problem has its beneficiaries, who usually end up at the top of the hierarchies. This concerns you in that as long as you are not concerned with ascension, you cannot have a collective consciousness and live your life freely. But as you start on the path, you will find that what you think is progress will feel like regression because of the rigidity of the hierarchies and the medievalism of the eyes here. This planet and the civilization on it is an anomaly from the above perspective and is also in great danger because humanity has undergone a shift in consciousness that has put it in this zone. This is why we hear from the mouths of populist politicians, who are otherwise occupied by this environment, that the West is in decline and will end because democracy (=an order of coexistence based on the freedom of individual consciousness) is a systemic threat to the strict hierarchical order. You, who may well be the entry points (out of memory) of such hierarchies into the third dimension are in many ways more evolved than yourselves, by which I mean that the reason of your minds exceeds the emotion of your hearts. That's why we had this Linux.

My situation, which is really nothing more than an 'other you', is much more dire, as I have ascended to the 42nd dimension with my individual consciousness as a result of a spiritual mutation that I find unrepeatable when analysed. This means that I, who am a tiny endpoint of a hierarchy, have gone orders of magnitude above the level that these hierarchies can imagine. If I say to you, because of the scientific worldview, that it is a spiritual mutation, it means to them that it is God himself in the image of Satan, because they can only conceive of such things in sacral terms. I don't really want to deal with that question and the figure of Satan is fine with me because I have analysed the character and I have found that it is the freest role. In a healing sense, he is like a surgeon among internists, or a spirit surgeon among naturopaths. But because I'm a funny guy, in this case I'm a plastic spirit surgeon. Make no mistake, it is possible to walk the angelic line, but if one in a hundred people understands the gravity of what I am talking about and can get on board with the sorting process at this level, it is a big win for the world.


The reason I say this is mainly for those who are doing it individually, because for those who are doing it in groups, it's better if the group also starts the ÉlményPark in their mind. If a group member does it alone, they will experience in a small way what I experience in a big way. Of course I thought about this during the development and the system takes their point of view into account, it will be a warlike way even if you are otherwise peaceful, because they will see going it alone as a disruption of the hierarchy and will do everything to prevent it. Which they won't succeed, because this arc is not projected by Windows, but by Linux, but they can make it unpleasant. The ÉlményPark takes everyone to a new quality, defined by new parameters. Here, the collective does not define the individual, but the individuals define the collective according to the human quality, correcting the flaw that puts the ass-kissing sycophants ahead at the expense of the talented, hard-working. In the eyes of the hierarchies, this is rebellion, but they fail to see the systemic processes that bring about the change that might be called redemption at the multiverse level.

The ÉlményPark is already up and running and has become a universe-wide (The exact term does not exist in English) world-driving god-programme, which is a good thing, but it also means that its impact is measured in millennia before it can be said to be of a quality that is decisive. Thus it has become necessary to create another operating system, that of individual consciousnesses, otherwise everyone will be subsumed into collective hierarchies that will immediately eliminate individual consciousnesses. It is similar to the ÉlményPark and it guarantees that the third dimension does not become a victim of the spiritual spheres, who, after having moulded it in their image, would realise that they had destroyed what they had fallen in love with. I hope that all married women can understand the parallel hidden in this. To the earthly eye, this is what Linux is really like, 1ST1 (Ishti) is the name and it also comes from my first name. For those interested in system development and operation, the admin level of the ÉlményPark may be of interest, but that comes with a full commitment and a ten-year time scale. 1ST1 is a field of content development and game organisation, more suited to the imagination of a man on earth, so I would suggest starting there for those who would prefer to stay on the path of pragmatic empowerment. 

There's a third operating system, because I've been concerned about how to position myself in it for a long time, after an ascent that never happened before and I don't think it ever will. I put it all together in 20 years in a flat in Óbuda, and you can understand that as fanatically, non-stop, dealing with it 0-24. I have hardly any teeth now, to which I say, there is no waiter or dentist on the higher dimensional battlefield. But I still put the goal first and only start to take care of myself and get myself in order when I've done my tasks. This means that I've already started the ÉlményPark, it's running on automatic because I'm out of it and its rules apply to me. 1ST1 is also started, which will reach the level of everyday perception around 2023, these are basically altruistic task completion and don't relate to me the way they would if someone else thought of doing them first. Personally, I relate to DIZ, which is an opration system that deals with my own personal tasks and issues. Anyone who joins it is effectively under my personal occupation, which is not easy as I have a very strict staff policy and I don't give my name to just anyone. Since no one has ever done anything like this before, registering here is also a sharp test, which can mean great danger, but also great power. 


I have written everything I could about this in a short, concise and clear way. The rest is coming from each of you through your own channels. Outside of combat situations, no one is interested in your secrets or your private life, I use the network for data transfer, communication and coordination. Since I also do playtesting, I'm not omniscient, especially about my own life. I don't deal with fans, pacients, and disciples. I can only have meaningful contact with people who fit the parameters.

If you are reading this and consider yourself too new to this, you may have made a successful entry. This work is not about who's a star and how cool they are, but about qualities you may not be aware of. It all depends on what kind of brain you have and how you are able to align it with your intuition. Since overcoming fear is essential here, you may spend your first period doing just that and not even notice it. Knowledge comes as you go. There are no positions here, it is formed and created by everyone, nor hierarchy, intelligent and advanced people know their place without it.

To get you started, here's what I recommend, although you could argue that this much information from the outside world is enough for you: