Sorting consciousness

"How to order the world of consciousness?"

"The answer goes beyond the level of understanding of ordinary consciousness."

"How to make it understandable?"

"You have to leave out the time jumps of consciousness."

"What are these time jumps of consciousness?"

"You live your life, you raise your level of consciousness, which increases your possibilities."

"What are these possibilities?"

"They are opportunities to take."

"What are you taking on?"

"To correct the future."


"You jump into your past and make a change."

"Change what?"

"You want a more practical answer, I guess. You can avoid encounters you'll regret later."

"Can all these encounters be avoided?"

"Theoretically yes, but practically it's not lucky. It's better to behave differently."

"How safe is such a leap?"

"You have to die for it in the future."

"That's rough."

"Not so much, since you wake up one morning in your bed in your own timeline in your own past."

"What do you remember?"


"So how do you change?"

"Well, yeah, there's a risk. It's very different upstairs, which person you can do it with. Because here you have to go with your gut feeling, which is not easy when you have good tits and ass in front of your eyes that can overwhelm that feeling."

"Can you be above asking that whatever happens be overruled?"

"You can, but you risk turning against them. Remember, you don't have the skills and knowledge that you had in the past. Plus you are more easily caught by your opponents."

"So you're saying you've come back from the future to the past to correct something?"

"I can't prove it. But it is most likely in the light of what happened to me in my past life and would have to be interpreted with my present mind."

"What happened?"

"I did or didn't do so many stupid things that can't be accidental. Especially the chicks I've messed around with or avoided in other ways. Either way, I'll never get here."

"What do you consider your greatest achievement in making this leap of consciousness?"

"Sorting out the world's consciousness."

"How did that happen?"

"I had to sort out my own consciousness after every serious head injury I went through."

"Did you take that on?"

"I think I took on something else that opponents were trying to kill me for and a situation opened up that took me to a whole new level."

"How do you know that?"

"From the reactions I hear from upstairs. Because they are talking about my old rank, which is now a thing of the past and nowhere near the rank I have earned in this new situation."

"What rank did you get?"

"One in which it is possible to restore the world in myself."

"Many people may not take you seriously at this point."

"I'm interested in the few people who pay attention from this point on."

"I understand you went back to the past from the future to get head injuries?"

"To get head injuries, that took me to another level and I can't tell in 3D which was the main intention. Because if it is, it would mean that those who tried to kill me but only got as far as head injuries are my allies according to the latter and above intent. But the closer I interpret the situation to the ground, the more they will be my enemies."

"Is this the case with everyone?"

"Yes. The source of all the bad stuff if it is for a longer term, larger goal or dream of yours, is all allied intent."

"Why is this so?"

"Because you're so attached to your comfort and your comfort zone that if everything stays that way, you'll never make progress towards those goals. That's why an Evil comes along that actually sets you on a path of your own intent."

"How can you avoid this?"

"With great flexibility."

"But that way what I see as good today can be the intention of my opponents, right?"

"Yes. To keep it that way."

"So who is good and who is bad?"

"In fact, the two are at the root of one. But you could get into this unprepared, so it remains that in the game, the enemy is who you see as enemy and the friend is who you see as friend. In admin, no one is a friend and no one is an enemy."

"In Admin, do you become insensitive?"

"More like neutral."

"How did you rearrange your consciousness?"

"By always making the result better than it was before. But there are two secrets. One, don't get scared. Two, you mustn't believe anything anyone says, but listen to your intuition."

"What would have happened to you if you had scared?"

"Maybe I'd be prime minister today."

"If you believe others?"

"Then I would have believed I was sick and I would have been sick. Because the cardinal rule of the hologram is, what you believe is what you have."