The holo operating system running on the ÉlményPark consciousness network, which I also installed on the humanity consciousness network, projects with a completely new position system than the old one, which we could even call Creation 1.0. This is 2.0, which was justified by the following.

I found myself facing the problem that many different worlds have slipped together as a result of the shift in consciousness. Anyone who would think about how something like this is possible in an apartment, I think, was better off than a Buddha who had to do something similar in a forest. He didn’t have the corner shop there, he didn’t have a TV and he didn’t have internet, but I had to face the problem of living in a functioning society in the meantime. Which doesn’t accept that someone is just meditating, plus I went much deeper, so I developed a technique called awake trans. This whole thing couldn’t have come about without my previous severe head injuries, which meant some kind of hardware tuning, and it couldn’t have happened without the initiations, which can thus be considered software tuning. It was a 20-year, non-stop continuous meditation, the details of which would take the subject in a different direction, the point being that during this time I solved many similar problems with my individual consciousness, i.e. my logic-based ration. Of course, I’m not claiming to be alone, because helpers on all sorts of spiritual planes have also boarded, but by agreement, everyone can serve this common work that is behind me to their own world as their own invention.

The principle of development was somewhere around durability and justice and its main purpose was to further develop what you called the ‘world’. I learned that a few set a goal to do this after me, but I don’t think I could repeat that myself, it took a lucky combination of so many circumstances. The other difficulty is talking about this to those who don’t have the levels of consciousness needed to understand, so I came to do it from the perspective of a completely beginner. The easiest way for a complete beginner to understand this is to imagine the world as if it were a holographic game program in which we play, but because of the characteristics of reality, I would rather use the term we live in it. If you look it in your eyes, you can also see this game where you are is an actor and a player at the same time in first person singular.

I could also call the slippage of many different worlds an anomaly that I interpreted not as a problem but as an opportunity. We just had to do the corrective work well, which of course has both beneficiaries and victims. Beneficiaries are more likely to have felt at the forefront so far, while victims are more likely to have achieved fabulous success by stepping on others. But every fairy tale ends once. However, it did so well that it successfully tackled the greatest threat to higher dimensional beings, Boredom.

One of the characteristic symptoms of the coexistence of many different worlds is that beings of different ranks mingled in ‘one reality’ and sought their own human figures or were encouraged to acquire others. There was a turmoil in which only the sudden appearance of a completely new system could be the solution. Suddenly, otherwise they would have been immediately trampled upon by religions enjoying exclusivity, masters who feared their power, envious friends, and anyone who would have realized in time what was being prepared. So I appeared from virtually nothing with the boxed version of ÉlményPark. The system is already running, so what you are reading is information from an authentic source.

What posed the greatest threat to the world was that all sorts of gods were put into 3D on the physical plane. I am not even baptized myself, so it is telling that I have managed to do an impartial and independent job. Which rules apply to me too. Without it, I would not be able to test the system and the principle of justice would be violated, because it would have looked stupid if I had started doing what I called the biggest problem so far. I would not go into the complexity of the work now, because I think everyone is more interested in the result. In the area for which everyone drives, which is rank, personal power and position.

Game Level | Game Position

These many gods appear mainly in people who have neither the necessary field of vision nor the necessary expertise, but it turns out that the gods themselves do not. But they all want to immediately assert the power they are accustomed to in their own worlds, which has had a devastating effect in a future that will never happen that way. In practice, we are talking about people who use divine power on personal levels, which if you sat down in front of a news portal, you too could be convinced.

If the goal had been to confront this, I would have had to start endless fights. That's why I developed the system itself for version 2.0. In this version, the gods can still fight for their goals, but they must prove their divine power according to the expectations of the ÉlményPark. Anyone who fails to do so can remain a god, but can only fight for game purposes such as money, success, women, and glamor. In the case of women, guys, now I wouldn’t get involved in genderv-debate or sexual orientation conflicts, these remain everyone’s private affairs.

Game Level | Admin Position

There are many who have realized that something is very wrong and have tried to restore the world according to their own capabilities and commitments. But, unfortunately, the majority found themselves confronted with their own angel / higher self, who saw game goals as divine rather than admin goals, which are characterized by work rather than fun. They now have the power that was often lacking in the work they began.

The admin position of the game level is suitable for people who still live in the Outside World, i.e. they consider it a priority. They don’t want to give up their lives to go to deeper levels of consciousness and are more excited about content development than system development. The system itself is based on individual consciousness and from there it approaches collective consciousness. Translated, every god is worth as many quality people as they have, and since the multiplex projection, who sees what quality is already polarizable.


You can go to the Waiting, but then nothing substantial happens to you. It’s great to have changed your life if you think seriously, because you have the opportunity to train and develop yourself without being overwhelmed by some event, because such events can also be considered worthwhile. Your defense against abuse is also active, meaning it can’t be used as a defense system where you can always escape the things you face would be the key to moving forward.

In a more professional sense, Waiting is where entering and exiting the system takes place. There are also those who are waiting for a verdict and the change of position takes place here. It pretty much looks like you get in here, your life in the outside world settles into a kind of uneventful life, and then when the login system comes to life, it puts you in a new position according to your current state. Outside, it looks like your life has changed. In an even more professional sense, your brain is prepared here if you want to move on to developing the system, i.e. the admin levels.

Admin Level | Admin Position

Based on my classification, this can be considered the true divine level, but this environment is completely devoid of game goals. This means that you will not necessarily be rich (it is worth taking care of this beforehand), I am also the lord of the world in a panel apartment in Óbuda. It’s a ten-year time scale in which the world slows down so much for you and nothing happens in it that you can notice the essence you need for your work.

Some have already lived their lives with a similar philosophy before the Adventure Park. They are updated by the system and if they meet the admin-admin parameters, they can continue it, enjoying the improvements that help their work. Those who do not qualify in everything will receive special training in the Waiting, which is otherwise available to everyone in all positions at all levels.

Admin Level | Game Position

This is the level that did not exist before and can only be accessed from the Admin Position of the Admin Level. One of its goals is to solve the obsession that threatens people on a ten-year time scale by providing opportunities for recharging, relaxation, and fun as well. The other goal is to intervene directly in the world if there is any problem with it, and a test run of this is currently underway, which I am doing myself.

For those who have reached this level, relaxation, recharge and entertainment are currently only available in HoloFilm format so as not to interfere with their extraordinary power in the development work currently underway.