Personal Client Gate

In the traditional, now obsolete projection, people used to do this by praying. This has many drawbacks, such as praying to beings who understand very little of it, and most people pray about their material situation, which these beings cannot feel so much. 

For these cases, I have developed the MIA, the spiritual assistant who knows all the details that most people don't and whose absence can cause the feeling that nothing is being done in response to prayer. There is, for example, the Winston Wolf holoapp, which everyone is better off using than invoking the Archangel Michael. Anyone interested in these holoapps can search among them here.

All I can say about the prayers is that in my absolute secular life I thought they were total bullshit, but when I started looking for evidence of the spiritual world and went to a few thousand groups, I came across a version of the Lord's Prayer. Even though you are the world's greatest naturopath, if you go to hospital, the doctor is the boss and if he gives you pills, you take them. Following this principle, I sat down comfortably and said. In the next moment space opened up around me and from indeterminate points an energy began to flow that would be difficult to describe in words, and I make no attempt to do so. It didn't make me religious immediately because if the world were a holographic video game, that's exactly how I would do it. I would hide behind verbal codes the key to accessing such energies.

What else I can tell you about the prayers is that I think this happened to me because I don't say this prayer every day. I feel that it's like you being pushed down by a homeless person every day and you don't give them more than a cents. But if you saw someone in need and that money was going to a good cause, I'm sure you'd have no problem giving them a lot more. The mantra is, in my opinion, a very aggressive form of prayer and the more it is done the less it is worth. But let's enter the modern age of esotericism as well and deal with the Personal Client Gateway that is available to everyone in thought.

Although people are used to dealing with such matters outside, through religion, there is no quicker, more efficient or cheaper way to do it than to do it in your head with your thoughts. What causes churches to split like this is primarily due to the widespread ignorance in which they have created professionals. I don't doubt that this was really necessary in the ages past, but with the advent of the modern age came the ÉlményPark, or in other words Creation 2.0, which now handles this.