Opening of a prestigious educational institution

Welcome new students to our school, which is one of the most prestigious educational institutions... there will be sometime, you are the first class!

Since we are not only present in one reality, nor even in one plane of existence, this Patina comes from the future! To be among those who have lived through the golden age in such a grand project is a great thing. There are many envious eyes here who look stupid here and blink foolishly, but it is always harder to see the historical moment in the present. I am also happy to welcome you who have won this admission here. Although they may not see it as a prize at first, I am sure that at the end of the training programme they will see it quite differently.

Many of our students are already anchored in people. This also gives them many learning adventures, which makes their education more meaningful. You are here because you ignored the admonitions of the past. Anyone else remember that? No? Then I'll tell you what they were. The first one was... if I can find my paper, yes, the first one was, "This is an experimental frequency and you don't know what you're doing". And then immediately below that, "turn back immediately because you have no idea where you've jumped to". You really can't cram more information into such a short space of time, so those who weren't put off by this were the first enthusiastic test subjects of the ÉlményPark Holoplatform.

Of these test subjects, you are the ones who have become worthy to study here and have done a lot to be here. But you will only understand this later, two long after the initial shock. You, as far as I know, were hoping that if you got on the back of someone who was going to the divine level, you would go with him. Then you have not read the small print carefully, where it is described in detail, with the login system set up, a completely new system of entitlements, much more modern than the old analogue method you know. So, after a lot of misunderstandings and their clarification, we finally see a common future, only I am linking the exit to strict quality criteria.

Because what could be more noble than an educational and developmental programme where all the bumpkins stick their heads in and pull them out like noble beings? The fact that a million years may pass in the meantime is of no interest to anyone out there. So we have time for quality education!

You, who carry the flag in the front row, have become part of a History that only the future will really understand, because in the present you look very stupid. Fortunately it's not live, because that would be a great disappointment to the world. Because you are known in a very different way. You are the ones who have sacrificially laid the foundations of the training system and ignored the hardships in the name of courage, unity and team spirit. Or you will be, although I admit that is hard to believe.

When I was a student, I didn't like it when there was a lot of chatter on the podium. I hereby open the first year of the first grade!