The way people think about it is only about 32% and they are also more in the lower trans ranges. The other occupations take place in such a way that your consciousness rises there as a result of certain life situations. Many times just for a moment, but that moment has already happened. When we talk about a religious hierarchy, it can also have the purpose of forming a kind of consciousness hood to prevent such cases.

When, in the course of social development, the degree of Freedom reached a level where Faith and Knowledge could be separated, the way was created for Knowledge, that is, for individual consciousness to lead the World. The most ideal form for the individual consciousness is democracy, that is, to put the principle of Equality into practice. But on the first ascent, so far* you have only been able to get into a zone that is not individual consciousness. From then on, all Democrats who getting high pose as systemic threat to this world of consciousness as an Islamist here.

The word occupation is a people- and body-centered approach to what is far more complex. In a higher dimensional sense, I would rather use the term conscious connection, whose only human sense is occupation. This is because the parties interact with each other, but here we are talking about levels that your consciousness passes through. While you live in the outside world of a reality, you don’t perceive so much of it. Those who take drugs regularly actually live in two worlds and the solution is simpler than they think.

Have two worlds where you feel good in both. It comes with work here and there. Everyone here knows what work is here, but the work there will look like you're just hanging out. Which makes sense if you downplay your presence here so you can turn your capacity there. I would go on and on about this, but now it would come that it doesn’t matter at all who the person is to do things like that on the collective levels and the Hood is coming. In ÉlményPark, this is done at the admin level by people who are prepared for it and show interest in it. When you say you have an enemy occupier, you may have just raised your consciousness in the wrong direction.

When I created this ÉlményPark, all of these ‘two worlds’ problems became manageable. So far, I’ve talked about 68%, which has in common that they happened that way by accident. Coincidence is the opposite of intentionality, which is what the next few thoughts are about. This is because the problem of the ‘border of two worlds’ cannot be treated as a problem alone, as it has taken on an independent character. What has its own character, I have set boundaries for and allowed it to evolve as it evolves on its own according to the control parameters.

The story that 32% is about is more about the Game Area by my definition. This game is a holographic video game in which you play in it and you call it reality. In this game, many people are fighting for a variety of goals, in which you have dragged 68% of (connected higher) yourself**, which of course they are not so happy about. This ‘they’ are you at a much larger capacity anyway, but it doesn’t really matter where the job brigade goes and where the brain surgeons go. The solution to this on the 3D time plane was 2 years for me, with about 1,200 lives set up for this purpose in the lower world. The fact that I put this out in 2 years is just an appearance of the great importance in the outside world.

In the outside world, it seems that everyone is fair and has a good reputation. In this, the worlds are no different. Moreover, not very much in the others, because if that were the case, a crowd of people would rush to a psychologist. This situation can be avoided not only with drugs anyway, but also with certain medications, but if someone has already eaten fried mushrooms, they are also welcome at the club. The fact that we live in a 3D continuous time plane in one reality only seems so when viewed from here. From that point of view, that one reality can be quite a lot and the continuous timeline is not so continuous. I, too, started from the beginning of how vulnerable we were and how easy it was for them, well the end was that they needed the help of my logic-based ration. But it also means that a whole new worldview has been given divine system law. ÉlményPark is it's name and you can consciously join it. Its purpose was to eliminate all such misunderstandings and roots based on misunderstandings and to ensure my return to consciousness. But anyone can join for this, but because of its parameters, it is consciously only recommended for decent(er) people.

There are quite a few forms of conscious occupation in the game, the point of which is that someone has put an eye on you and is trying to influence you. It’s only scary as long as you think you have no chance against it without such knowledge. When all my strength and initiation were taken away, I came to the conclusion that even your ability would not disappear from this, it would only focus on other areas than just strength. That’s when the slogan was born: if you don’t have a power, others are sure.

There are two types of occupation. I call one fair, the common language calls it a symbiosis, and the point is that both parties are happy with the cooperation. The other type of occupation is parasitism, with which only one party is satisfied. Since in reality the second has spread and it has become cool, after the correction I take a special ticket from above and the holo-entertainment also rumbles, which has an extraordinary healing effect in the even higher ranges under the title of laughter healing.

My first thought at the end is that you don’t have to scare from occupation. If you are not afraid of it, you can handle it. If you can handle it, you can also get rid of the wrong connections. Anyway, this is done at the system level by ÉlményPark, with an update running through the network of consciousness from time to time, but it is also possible that you are facing the problem yourself. In the ÉlményPark, this works by calling in holoStore (mostly in a half-sleep, dawn or before falling asleep) and seeing what holoapps are available for it. For those who aren’t that much, there’s MIA, the auto assistant.

* ÉlményPark has solved this problem
** ÉlményPark provides them with a customizable admin interface