Multiplex projection

Imagine a cylindrical tower block. This is most similar to the solution to this anomaly, which in my opinion was caused by unconditionality. Namely, if unconditionally elevated beings who have nothing to earn at those (consciousness) levels, it can also cause amazing destruction. The destructive power of unconditionality is mainly there in making no distinction between those who have invested energy in their own development and those who have forcibly acquired what they have. It makes no distinction between developed and undeveloped beings. It’s like eliminating grades and classes in a school where the intention is that everyone is equal if the more violent immediately trample on everyone else and ruin the school. Here I had to put order and bring a system into something colored by seemingly impossible conditions.

The situation is so complicated that I wouldn’t believe myself if I said I saw through. But for such cases I have created a self-control program, which, if I follow its radius, I do not even have to see through, it is enough if I know the goal, the starting point is everyone's current situation. I named it HoloGPS. I use this for any problem that I don’t have enough human capacity for, or just don’t have the expertise to do it that requires nothing but my intuition and intelligence. This will take everyone to the reality to which everyone lives the way as a continuum and will not perceive his/her death in the realities from which he/she comes. You and I do.

How does one think of inventing something like this, or thinking about it at all? To this a religious man would say that no one does such common sense. It is precisely that this can only be done with common sense, which lacks religious (blind) faith. Therefore, I would have been burned at the stake in the Middle Ages and, frankly, I doubt I would have succeeded if I had been born an American. The circumstances are extremely fortunate, it took an extremely large number of factors, so I don't think it can be repeated, but there is no need for that. Because the logic is good, the control principles are clear and I only need to do it well once. Even if there is a flaw in it, it will only be revealed in millennia and then someone will be born to do Creation 3.0. But I have built in guarantees that eliminate, for example, what I see around me in today's Hungary. ÉlményPark in my eyes is actually an absolute power that a Democrat has developed. At a higher angle that no one here has, because if they had, today’s American-led world would be a much better place. This is also the biggest problem, that there is no one who can do it in the right quality. Otherwise, I would be a tennis coach today because I could still control the universe anyway. But I found myself in a situation where I immediately had to stand for another holo operating system that runs on individual consciousness and a third that provides personal protection. Anyway, I’ve come pretty slowly to the realization that the dimensional level I’ve reached doesn’t entitle me to surrender to anyone, be it a dracon reptile or a god 7th dimensional being you know, but something completely different. Something one of you wouldn’t even dare think about, including dictators rubbing to churches. What I’m trying to do here to try to explain is actually an attempt to stay alive as much as possible, because my accusation, contempt, and insult of anything (of which there is no shortage) is literally the main sin against God and then the world, i.e. the hologram you (!) act according to your faith whether or not I have been recognized. Even now I hear the masters who read this later as "your mother." These people and the beings above them whose thoughts are conveyed are over!

But if not, you owe it to the fact that there are more intelligent beings above our heads and one of them wondered if there was a way for me to become interested in their survival. These are mostly beings looked down upon by others, yet they are the only ones in whom some Light flickers in this great darkness. I originally wanted to write these materials to be timeless, but for the sake of better comprehensibility, I deviate from that and will revise them later. I will give an example of this. Observable, if a word is in the name of something, it is certain that its opposite is true. A good example of this is Fidesz, who are neither youngs nor Democrats and have no faint idea of ​​what an alliance is. The same is true for the company that calls themselves the Alliance of Light and even the DK, where the president has to be asked on all questions. If it were a normal world, I could safely entrust myself with the evolution of events, but this is now a situation as if developers had to interfere with a game program. But the developers don’t have that kind of experience because they don’t deal with the game and the fact that I appeared among them with my logic-based ration was the salvation for them.

Now the situation is as follows. If I were a tennis coach, I would see that the bastards below, led by the muttonheads above are completely ruining a value that has no match in the universe. People, there is no world like this! But I also can’t just think of myself, because I look primarily at the responsibilities in power that come with it, and as an aquarius, I’m not too excited to rule over others. Here, two opposing things had to be solved at once and I’m just saying two to make it easier to follow me. Because things have happened to me that, as a player, prompt me to finish with a bunch of people right away when I get to a level of strength. How do I cut out a lot of people by meeting the parameter that I can’t kill? The aliens kneaded quite a bit in this anyway, but as usual in a rather poor quality. The result of this was multiplex projection, for which I had to reach the required dimensional level. As I reach the level of strength, I will kill them immediately, but they will not perceive anything from this, but will live their lives and even win ... in a lower world. Here they die, waking up in their bed in the morning in a world of another level. But they are certainly not in this age, for which they are not unfit but completely unworthy. All of this is handled by a login system and an authorization system that puts me somewhere just like anyone else. I have not forgotten my statement that everyone feels best on their own level and since I have not socialized in the top ten thousand, I do not even want to be one of them. I don’t want to be in the higher worlds if it would be a constant compulsion for me to meet on a daily basis here too and because of the fractal, it doesn’t really matter where I do these operations.

The goal is not to be the best of Meeeeeeeeee, but to make the Goal come true. According to the parameters, by those who are most suitable and capable of doing so. Who could you be if you didn’t believe so much bullshit about yourself and the world. I have no submission and whoever thinks that they can flatter to me, I immediately ran them off, but I may even cut it off to discourage the other sheeps from doing so. There’s the Gate in everyone’s minds and I don’t need it for that. Moreover, I myself have limited the opportunity for me to give initiations to anyone beyond what I have the right and opportunity to do in the Game. This means that no one should come to me to get on my back, to get somewhere because I can’t use that power either. I am aware that I am only one person with my own desires and capacity despite the fact that I am well above your helpers in terms of perspective. If the Goal is the primary, then I also subordinate my self-esteem and ego to the one who understood that if I set out to raise wealth in the short term and the world collapses, I would have nowhere to be born in the long run. The super-rich who despise me, who could have made a real earthly heaven out of it a long time ago (and whose thoughts I see) are completely unlikely to cut in because their actions have proven, I just have to look around and see the poverty and misery around me. They didn’t want a coincidence and they definitely want to kill me because they can’t control me, but now comes the counter-test of whether it’s the other way around.

Multiplex projection is like the petals of a flower, each such petal represents a cluster of reality where a similar strategic goal gathers. That is, if I want an advanced Democrat and livable technical civilization in a green environment, I will be in the knot of reality where people living for that purpose are also. Since there will certainly be different interpretations, this knot of reality will also continue to be polarized into levels and worlds, at the end of which this cylindrical shape, which I talked about at the beginning, will come together. Where I am killed, is it not so much my world so why I am there? But there are worlds where they don’t cut me out, where I decide if I want to stay or not. Another peculiarity of the system is that at the very top everyone gets into one world, unless you create a world of a level that gets the rank of Source World and then it creates another multiplex projection. Just like now from this world, which you still see as if you look around.