Modern Esoterica

What we have today is what I would call a part of the world that doesn't believe in these things because they're not proven, and the other part believes in controlled esotericism. Most of these are called religious people, and the other part is called esoteric movements. But those who know what esotericism is, it is not by accident that they invent terms like 'sheep' and 'talking monkey' and 'voting droid' and, like me, 'sheepnet' for the first thought.

The word esotericism comes from the Greek word esoterikos, which means inner. It refers to everyone's inner world. The term "esotericism" is a load of bullshit, because you can't break down what you find within yourself into tendencies. In fact, esotericism means that you study your inner world, so the subject and object of your study is yourself. Many people confuse this with magic, which is actually the act of enacting intentions on others. 

Esotericism cannot be taught, because no one can tell you what you will find in yourself when you start studying yourself. What can be done is that someone will lead you to its gateway, but from there you are completely on your own. You can be prepared for what to expect and given advice and signposts, but the decisions are yours to make. What makes the issue so widely publicised is that there is always a question of power. But what has this got to do with power?

If you cut out a small piece of a holographic sheet that represents an image with scissors and illuminate it with laser light, you will not see the small piece, but the whole image in small one. This means that any small part of the hologram contains the information of the whole. If you look at a small slice of yourself inside yourself and illuminate it with Enlightened Light, you will find the whole world in a small way. Here the guarantee is enlightenment, i.e. any fool will not be able to do this, only one who is prepared to do such a thing.

This is where money comes in. Because the jerks, after much abuse and trampling on others, have become very rich and have led generations to believe that they are advanced. Those born into such a world will take the most morbid things for granted and believe everything they are taught. Even in later life, only a few people awaken to the level of self-awareness to question the world they had believed in and by the time they reach the substantive levels in their research, half their lives have passed. In addition, a world has developed around him where he cannot get the money and other resources he needs unless he submits to being part of the system that the jerks control. I can give you my own example of the civilisational tensions that such a person has to deal with if he does not want to end up on the streets and die there. Not to mention that those who wake up and reach some level of strength will already be visible to those who acquired such skills earlier in time. Those who have built up an institutional system for stealing these initiations and energies that the individual is powerless to do anything about. It can be said, therefore, that it is almost impossible to succeed here unless one sells oneself and becomes part of one of these societies and takes one's allotted place in the hierarchy.

People like me have been born before, but they have all faced the problem of not being able to communicate their insights and thoughts to people because people are not in a position to understand. There will always be a few people who are receptive to this information, but their situation is no different from that of a start-up business that is immediately bought up (or destroyed) by capital-rich competitors. Most will be content to forgo this and exit on their own terms, leaving the world behind.

What you see here is so unprecedented in its kind that it has no equal in the history of the universe. You can imagine it in the same way that the music industry was caught off guard by the mp3 format. I put it all into a worldview that is not based on magic, but on information technology. I was able to do this in front of practically everyone because, on the one hand, no one took seriously a man meditating without income, living in a panel apartment, and on the other hand, those who were listening at the points I was making didn't understand a word of the IT language. I played on this by reinforcing the image of the foolish man, so they didn't have to force themselves to take me seriously, including themselves.

So I came out of nowhere with a boxed version of the ÉlményPark and targeted absolute beginners, who when they first encounter esoterica here, are drawn into a world they can understand immediately. If you understand what's described here, you can get to a level in a year that can be reached in 10-13 years by traditional means. The reason it takes so long is that the brain has to be prepared for it, because most people can be shocked by information that goes against their world view. But most people watch films and series from which they can learn a lot, so you can say that what I should be telling you, you already know, but you have to somehow believe that you can put it into a system and make it fit with reality.

Some people are beginning to understand what it is in its fullness, and may be legitimately concerned that it could put power in unprepared hands that could end the world. To which I say, look around you and that concern is already realised. This danger that you are reading here is a danger that is born out of an existing danger and is aimed at a systemic resolution of the situation.

Modern, advanced man does not kneel and bow down before anyone. His spiritual business is his own, which he does in his own mind. Meanwhile he lives his life and strives to raise the world's development to that of himself. He does not strive to break through others, but he does strive for the fair competition that inspires him to keep improving himself. On this path today, he faces many difficulties, for which I have prepared a spiritual framework to guide him along the way, while also providing the guarantees that no one will ever be able to abuse this power again.

Would I be the evil one, as the accusations are made against me? The world = a mirror and I do nothing but listen to those voices and know exactly who is accusing me of anything.