Metamorphosis at the embassy

"Hello, which piece am I talking to now?"

"That is not relevant on this spiritual plane. That is, it doesn't matter."

"How did you get to the spiritual plane?"

"I found a dimension gate at our embassy."

"How did you get to the embassy? As far as I know, you're the only one who would trust their word."

"I was driven by things that make different sense on this plane of existence."

"I see. I see. I wonder if you're satisfied with this position, your new position. Do you have any feelings of inadequacy about unfinished business?"

"Well, yes, business can keep our noble souls down to earth. Fortunately, however, a holo-company has appeared here, coming from a niche market on Earth, which is still unusual for us. You can call on their services."

"So I take it things are a lot easier for you now?"

"Yes, in the sense that as a spiritual being you are not so bound by the rules of the physical world. The scope for movement is much more flexible, but the clarity of my appearance is not nearly as concrete as it was before."

"How does such a dimensional journey take place?"

"It depends on which state you are a citizen of."

"What does that mean?"

"Our big family is so big that it was enough to put the name of a family in the name of the country. In this country, you can even come close to dimension travel on the street, because the summary courts are not joking and will carry out the travel on the spot. I had a more subtle form of this, pushed along by the beauty of the paintings in the rooms, but unfortunately I had a bit of a nuisance before the trip, which is not uncommon in our country in such cases."

"In what cases?"

"The people of the Great Allied, the most powerful country in the world, have realised that a criticism, if accompanied by the right spirit, can advance the development of a country. In our country, however, the slightest criticism is a capital offence. I had no plans to study closely the efforts to punish capital crimes, so I left for the West, because where else can a man like me go?"

"So you didn't plan your trip?"

"I was surprised to find a dimensional gateway to our Embassy, who gave me their word of honor that no harm would come to me. I really wanted to believe them, which was the only way to prove it."

"Do you think there will be any repercussions?"

"Every miracle lasts three days. But this new company has brought so many possibilities to the Game that I am still amazed. So there will be consequences beyond the three days."

"I don't suppose you'd care to divulge any details."

"The producer is waving me out so I can't say a word!"