Mages in conversation

"What abilities do you have?"

"You saw my show, right?"


"Then watch one and you'll find out."

"So you use your skills to make money?"

"Yes, I do. It's perfectly normal and accepted here."

"You're serious?"

"Yes, it is. What have you got?"

"I don't know yet."

"I don't understand."

"The ones I do have, they don't really get gigs anywhere. You can make money with them, but not the usual kind."

"I don't understand."

"It's not a problem now."

"If you don't know what skills you have, how do you use them?"

"They come when you need them. But the thing is, I don't keep it in mind, I have an automatic."

"Show me something."

"That's the problem. Where there's Essence, there's no spirituality that allows road show."

"So let's look for something that's not around the Essence."

"Okay, so when do you want to pay me back?"

"Uh, sorry, I got a little sidetracked. You know I don't like to be late with repayments, so I think you can wait until today if you have time. You know I rarely ask for a loan."

"I do have time."

"It's not easy to move that kind of money around. Really, how are you gonna move it?"

"Maybe I'll buy a car."

"You're cool, I like that. What was that all about?"

"Before you got distracted?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah."

"I'm not gonna meet the stage requirements."

"Yeah, well, you should come up with something spectacular and then we can talk about it."

"I'll try."

"If you need any help, let me know, you can see there's good money in it, so it's worth learning and improving yourself!"