"What I mean is, if I'm an adult and I'm exposed to what you were exposed to as a child, I can see the same thing in a different way."

"Give me an example."

"You, for example, are into it, and I don't understand how you can be enthusiastic about a guy in a fucking uncomfortable bat suit, prancing around rooftops and fighting bad guys. But that example is lame, because I was introduced to it as a kid, it just didn't make that deep of an impression on me. Along with Superman."

"What else have you been exposed to?"

"Religion, for example."

"Let's not get into that right now."

"Okay, there's Star Trek, which I saw pictures of as a kid, but not a movie or a TV show. I think this Kirk is an idiot, along with his entire crew. It's a wonder they didn't get shot down or crash somewhere on their first trip."

"That's a harsh thing to say."

"I'd say look at it with an adult head, but you don't look at it that way anymore. Anyway, we've been talking about this Star Trek stuff with the aliens. There was a big laugh at the idea of a spaceship with a mixed crew. Because they don't live in individual consciousness and that's the only way to understand such a crew."