Interview with pan-Arab psychologist Dr. Ahman Mallawi

"Hello, doctor! Your work has long been followed by the profession, but the new insights you describe in your new book break new ground."

"Yes, it turns out that there is a world outside Allah. In fact, there was before."

"On what do you base your startling claims?"

"A new trend is taking root in my research institute - what others have maliciously called a human experimentation colony - and we are seeing new dimensions in the healing of the psyche as a result."

"What is this new trend?"


"Some American psychiatrists consider you to be the originator of the neo-primitive style. How far do you agree with this?"

"My American colleagues like to overcomplicate things. This is certainly the basis of their opinion."

"Do you think they are wrong?"

"My old way worked everywhere I went. Of course, the fact that I have only been to Arab countries should not obscure the value of the representative sample on which the research is based."

"So what do you know about the world?"

"Everything. I watch TV."

"Some European professionals have already cast serious doubts on your work, accusing you of being a converter."

"My European colleagues do not live in a collective consciousness, but I do."

"However, the fact that you prescribe Islam for all mental illnesses may arouse strong suspicions in people."

"Only in lay people."

"Okay, I'll ask, because I'm a layman, too."

"Here you go."

"What is the most effective treatment for schizophrenia?"


"For anxiety depression?"


"For multiple personality disorder?"


"Thank you for the conversation!"

"You're welcome."