For beginners

This is the latest and most authentic information on the subject. For those who want to deal with this alone.

"Let's start with who do you consider beginners?"

"Especially those who have never dealt with spirituality before. But if I realistically nuance the picture, they can be considered truly beginners who feel they are already professionals at this."


“Those who have never dealt with this are in a positional advantage of being able to admit to themselves that they are beginners."

"Are you a master?"

"I've never said that about myself, and I don't do it now. By no means am I a master, I prefer to call myself an artist."

"Why an artist?"

"Good question. Because there is no such art yet, at least not officially. In an area that official opinions don’t even exist."

"If it doesn't exist, who would appreciate this art."

"Some who don't officially exist either. But they are very much."

"Why doesn't it officially exist?"

"No one has ever proved ... to others."

“We know people with special abilities who have proven their ability."

"But science hasn't recognized them yet. But whoever is not recognized by science, exists in vain if it does not officially exist."

"What is spirituality?"

"Dealing with the range beyond normal human perception."

"How to perceive this range for an average person?"

"In a dream. What I also call dream worlds, that is, spiritual reality. This world is available to anyone who is willing to devote time and energy to it."


"From this point of view, the spiritual world is like an internet of consciousness, where your consciousness is the browser. Since the average person lives in the Outside World, that is, in reality, everything that happens in his/her mind is ‘just’ thoughts and dreams. Because the average person also lives in the belief in ‘one reality’, few take their dreams seriously, even though they come true in all cases. But only for those in the same reality who are able to extend these dreams to the level of their own reality."

"How does this happen?"

"As successful people say. We need to believe in ourselves, we need to overcome difficulties, we need to stay on track and success is not left behind. It's no different here either."

"What difficulties await us on this journey?"

"You will never hear seductive text from me, because on the one hand I do not have a group and will not, on the other hand it is better to know what you are undertaking, and thirdly after 20 years of fanatical work I can say that I solved the problem."

"Why should it be necessary to deal with this anyway?"

"Because the Earth, and humanity within it, has undergone a change in the level of consciousness that everyone should be prepared for. However, if everyone started to prepare for this, production would stop and after a while there would be nothing in the stores. Neither food."

"How did you solve this?"

"To do this, I also had to reach a level of dimension in which this is feasible. Then I had to work out how I solved it so that this world could survive and continue to evolve. Technically, it has become a holographic video game where those at the admin level have implemented the level of consciousness shift, and those at the game have the job of staying in the game, that is, living the way they used to live."

"Who would still decide that they are interested in this admin level, what difficulties do they face?"

"There is a Goal. The most valuable thing on the way to the Goal is Quality."

"What defines this Quality?"

"Imagine you are sitting on a plane where your partner is afraid that the plane will crash all the way. How would you feel with him/her?"

"That wasn't the answer to the question."

"Parameter matrix based on multidimensional experience."


"It's better if no one knows, because he would be very upset. This is neutral system programming."

"What does it mean to be neutral?"

"Rock-hard esotericism, which is hidden everywhere, still exists. You will find the Way to yourself in yourself."

"I do not understand."

"It suits everyone in every situation."

For professionals

"Some people already have serious knowledge in the field of esoteric magic. What will happen to them?"

"There will still be a great demand for good quality handicraft stuff. That's how I can tell."

"What does that mean?"

"A lot of the mystical and obscure stuff so far, which is supposed to be fucking expensive on the black market, is included here in the free Basic Edition.

"I do not really understand."

"Because you're talking to an admin from a game standpoint."

"But I'm a god, its earthly figure."

"Hold on, let me take a look. It says you are oooooooooon ... game level - player. You may be a god or someone, but the system interprets you as a player."

"What does that mean?"

"That you have to take care of Energy yourself in addition to the basic services you are entitled to."

"What does it mean to myself?"

"The divine level of God is individual consciousness, that is, one piece of man. If you can hit the Standard in this one-piece man, just do it, its path is always open to you."

"What is this?"

"It's actually been open so far, but you'll only understand that when you reach that level of consciousness."

For masters and the like

"Are you still talking about responsibility here?"

"But I teach very well."

"How dare you do that?"

"One of the characteristics of a neutral point of view is that it ignores the histite."

"Why is this neutral point of view so important?"

"Because if you're not in it, you're not an admin, just a player. Even if you tie a black belt on yourself, you won't be a master of it yet, you'll just look like that."

"Do you have a heart?"

"Yes. In the right place in decision making."

"What does that mean?"

"If your Heart freezes, you will replace it with Intelligence."

"Can Intelligence Generate the Heart?"

"No, but it's Illusion is easy to program."


"There's an unexpected factor in it. The rest is also controlled by plain scripts."

"You should accept the Lord."

"How many Lords have you seen caring for people so far?"

"The Angels exist and are here."

"I know I talk to them on a daily basis."

"As what?"

"Like their boss now. It’s hard about this in 3D, but Human T0 is a good starting point."

"You're going to be damned."

"I've been damned a lot of times. According to my research, there is still a Forum after this, where your case will be judged separately."

"Based on what?"

"Well, not under terrestrial law, and that's what I want to change here and there."


"It turns out that it's enough if you just have a good crap and I definitely want to take this bug out of the Game. Luckily, I was the first to live with it.

"What is this ÉlményPark?"

"Same thing, just fair."

"What's wrong with that?"

"That you can't just let this into the world. I had to admit the truth in that. There's a lot more work to it than I thought. Mainly in operation and development line."

"What does 1ST1 do?"

"Well, this. Which doesn’t solve my personal level problems."

"That's what DIZ got."

"Yes, my own version developed from the beginning."

"Do you think if a complete beginner reads this, they won't get scared?"

"The more they get scared, the better!"

"You're stupid?"

"No, I just won't let anyone anywhere. The path to becoming a holoprogrammer at this level of consciousness is filled with many head injuries and the after-work that comes with it. In the meantime, not scared in any way."

"On the physical plane, moreover, what is closer to human interpretation?"

“At the dentist, when the only root canal treatment of my life, I was asked why my mouth should numb so much for a few minutes. The power of the first push of pain was so surprising that I quickly figured out there that ‘I’m pretending it doesn’t hurt me at all’ because for me it was the only alternative. Whether I pressed the armrest three times in the meantime for success or failure is for everyone to decide for themselves."

"Even closer?"

"Take a wasabi bullet and chew it so that anyone who looks at you from the outside doesn't notice anything of it."

"Even closer? We are slowly beginning to enjoy it."

"Marry a woman and take part in humanity's reproduction program."

"What is this male chauvinist text?"

"And women do it better and in a bigger crowd. With women's eyes ..."

"Where do you get your female eyes?"

"The best tactic against women is the female fighting style. I had to develop it."

"But then you have to understand her."

“It’s the woman who has to grow a ration who can only do that in a man-centric world. The problem is that no one knows what will happen if they win."

"Why is this a problem?"

"Because I have an ability that I know. It’s a complex ability, I think unique. somehow you know-because-you feel it has an atmosphere. What I see is the problem. And we are the Solution because there are only women in a male-centric world who handle the problem well."

"Why would only a woman on earth be able to do that?"

"It doesn't matter which civilization. I belong to the West. Despite all its flaws. That is, you cannot destroy it."

"Who can help you with this?"

"I have no idea. It’s a spiritual tactical solution because if I don’t either, then neither do you."

To my enemies

I'm sorry about everyone, but I'm dealing with the System, meaning I don't even know they existed. But if you existed, tremble!