E.T. (P.E.)

The People Exchange shows the current real value of each person expressed as a number based on the Universal Value Standard. Its creation was motivated by the fact that after the collapse of the worlds, the value systems in the various worlds were completely upset and a solution was needed that could form the basis for the settlement processes. Such a solution was created not only for humanity, but for all beings in the physical and spiritual realms.

What makes it different is that it is not only suitable for general queries, but also for specific queries. An old example is a hitman, who is not even close to being a high scorer according to the general standard, but if one uses a specific query, one can get a high score by comparing the person to other hitmen.

I hinted earlier that the interventing aliens are not strong on personnel policy and for some reason unknown to me they are particularly attracted to criminals, or unscrupulous people who, if not raised, would surely have become criminals. I was also struck by the fact that those whom and what I consider to be of value are not shown any interest to the extent that they are allowed to deteriorate. This may be because they are hostile to the world of individual consciousness, and a self-improving, educated person is a person of the world of individual consciousness. They prefer people who are cooperative and immediately submit to them and dislike thinking people who have principles. A good example of this is that if you wanted a puppy, for example, you would choose one of those who would run up to you wagging their tails, they are the same way. It's just that those who are cute to them in that sense are, in our eyes, rather vile scoundrels who have been elevated to riches and rewarded with earthly power.

But with the Experience Park comes the launch of the People Exchange, which has a lot more information about the current situation hidden in its initials, and even humour (Ember Tőzsde=E.T. in Hungarian). Nevertheless, the programme itself, which defines this value, is extremely serious. So much so, that many currently powerful people and beings are losing the spiritual power of what is colloquially known as charm, charisma and charisma and are beginning their decline, i.e. taking their place in the new value. There is also a serious implication for them, that they have to repay at the new 'exchange rate', which some gentlemen and ladies may perceive as a mirror of what was observed when the Hungarian middle class was being wiped out. 

Those who were indebted in Swiss francs and then hit by the drastic devaluation of the forint. This mass impoverishment was, by the way, in sync with foreign plans, which was followed by the rise to power of Fidesz (i.e. essentially the people of foreign intervention), and the sharp rise of the Experience Park is a sharp mirror to all those involved. In a much wider sense than anyone would have thought.

This sharpening will reorganise worlds to such an extent that a dedicated event manager will oversee processes at all levels to avoid system breakdown. There is time to be bought, but no way to get away with it. However, it is possible to improve the Equal, since the main principle of judgement is that 'everyone is judged pro and con according to his or her weight, actions and role'.