Esoteric science

"Is there such a thing?"

"It's something that everyone with a mind for esotericism is flirting with. But that doesn't mean you can talk about science. But you can talk about knowledge."

"Can you talk about science?"

"It's a difficult question, because I've done something called 'hologram experiments', which is the pinnacle of all this, but to talk about science, you need an elaborate system of principles to observe a world that is not at all open to proof."

"Why is faith alone not enough for you?"

"I have faith, it's just different from religions."

"What is your faith based on?"

"In myself and in the quality of the work I do."

"How did you come to the decision to mix science into this?"

"When I started working in esotericism, the question of God immediately came up. I was unbaptized and avoided priests from childhood. It's easy to imply that I am an atheist, but an atheist denies the existence of God. I, on the other hand, have said that there is no proof that god exists, but there is no proof that he does not exist. And that is a scientific approach."

"Is it possible to prove the existence of god?"

"Whether others can, I do not yet know. But you can prove it to yourself. But here another question immediately arises. Who means what or who. And from here on it is impossible to prove it to others, because if I prove it to myself, someone who believes in something else can say that it is not proof for him. Just as it was no more proof for me than for a fraction of what others have already fallen to their knees and converted."

"What happened?"

"It is worth knowing that before I started this, I went to some of these groups to collect data and evidence. At one of them I was given an A4 sheet of paper with some prayers on it. I'd never done anything like that before and at one of them, which was a slightly modified version of the Lord's Prayer, suddenly the space around me opened up and an energy flowed over me that would be difficult to describe in words. I already had a worldview that I had gotten the information for from science, so I immediately thought if the world was a holographic video game, I would do exactly the same thing, hiding it behind verbal code. But later I improved on it, because there is a danger of it falling into the hands of an unworthy person."

"What have you developed further?"

"At one point I decided to pull up a whole new framework from scratch, compatible with what religions are based on."

"What is the basis of the framework?"

"The same as the basis of the religions. A new understanding of the world."

"What makes it different from any religion?"

"On the one hand, it doesn't attach so much importance to God, on the other hand, it's more in tune with today's modern world."

"What is the essence of this worldview?"

"To imagine the world as if it were a holographic video game that you live and play in. To do this, I have developed a system that distinguishes between admin and game levels."

"What if no one is interested?"

"It doesn't really affect the point. I have created and installed it on the web of humanity's consciousness."

"How to access it?"

"In thought. But if someone doesn't do it, they still use it, just not consciously. Because correcting mistakes was one of the goals and in the old analog system there were a lot of mistakes that were fixed."


"Institutional systems were created in which any proposal for development was tantamount to questioning the hierarchy, including the power of the boss."

"Make a mistake."

"There was no separation between admin and game levels. The result was that beings who thought of themselves as gods or who gave themselves away exercised power within their own angle of vision that those horizons were short of."

"How could they do that if they just pretended to?"

"It's all a matter of interpretation of the world. God can be a person by making others believe and building himself on their beliefs, or by making his own interpretation of the world exclusive to others."

"Who or what do you think god is?"

"First of all, it is worth clarifying the concept, as the limits of this concept are greatly influenced by the limits of everyone's imagination and the new information that emerges. Therefore, I consider this to be more of a philosophical question and can only be answered once a proper definition has been given. There is, for example, the impersonal Allah and the bearded Christian old man or Yahweh. The adherents of these monotheistic religions will never be able to discuss this with each other, because to accept the other's position would be to deny their own beliefs. If I were to look at this from, say, a scientific point of view, I would say that there is an exchange of 5D, 7D and 6D monotheistic interpretations of God, where the consciousness of coma patients, drug addicts and beings created by the faith of humans are ignored without claiming completeness, for example."

"You do know that there would be someone in the world who would say that this is blasphemy?"

"No blasphemy of any kind was uttered. All that has happened is that someone has stepped outside of the world that he has already secured for himself. And this fills him with horror, after which he seeks to eliminate the object of his fear."

"Don't you think if what you're doing doesn't stay in a tight circle, it could be a serious problem?"

"It could be a problem. There was a film that dealt with something similar, because I'm in the death research business. When a scientist proved that there is life after death and mass suicides started on the planet. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems is that if I state something from my perspective, no one with a lower perspective will understand it the way I do. What people don't understand is what they want to understand. So it is easy for people to put things in my mouth afterwards that I never said, and it is also easy for someone to hear about me for the first time with someone else's interpretation associated with it.There is nothing to be done about it, only to adapt to it."

"When you do death research, what do you do?"

"The same thing I do anyway, but I can call it that. Because if you do it seriously, you realize that it's the same as divinity research. Which is practically the same as esotericism."

"Can you explain that?"

"One of the most objective interpretations of God is that he is found in you. When you start looking for it and reach higher dimensions, you realize that death only makes sense in the 'one reality' of 3D. There too for those you leave behind and only in that reality."

"What happens after death?"

"Many factors influence it. For example, how you lived, what level of consciousness you reach, what you believe about it and whether you have a strong intention-purpose that you cannot give up."

"Can we talk about each of these?"

"We can do that."

"How you have lived. Does this mean that religions are right?"

"Remember, religions have purposes and there is much truth in them. But because they need to lead the lower-seeing masses from a higher vantage point, they need a system to do so. When I worked out my own system, what do you think I came up with? The same thing. That after death, in a given reality, the performance of each person has to be evaluated, which determines the afterlife, but we must not forget that in higher dimensions, past, present and future happen simultaneously, which is given a kind of ricochet by people's faith. This ricochet, by the way, is a major source of error from above, where it is difficult for them to imagine that the Outworld exists. Where people live apart from each other and believe that these processes take place outside, so they create beings and processes outside of their beliefs that they identify with under the same concepts as the Insiders."

"Source of error?"

"They see it that way. I, however, have a very different take on this and I see in them not a failure but an opportunity."

"For what?"

"Higher dimensional problems."

"Tell me one thing."

"For example, boredom. When they wanted to destroy the entire physical plane..."


"Because it's actually an anomaly that we only see as normal because we live in it. What happened here is that different dimensions got stuck together in 3D at the same frequency. In other words, the anomaly is an interference that created the physical plane at the holographic frequency. Which can also be broken down into bands. And I discovered frequency bands that could be used to store the soul, so I could begin to rescue consciousness and sort out the situation that caused the physical world to cease to exist."

"Do you know of others who have done or are doing similar things?"

"No. I just mind my own business. This is a completely new system, some elements of which may have been invented by someone before me, but these systems must be logically related to each other, otherwise the other truth will not be created."

"What is the other truth?"

"If you embark on one that begins with an occupier sitting over your head declaring his one truth, everything you do will be a lie until the other truth is established. Which must be able to overcome the truth of the occupier and you win if he cannot overcome yours."

"Are you talking about fighting god?"

"Only in the eyes of people who believe that this occupier is equal to god. Which, in the eyes of someone with a low viewpoint, may well be the truth."

"I would continue with the second question after death. Level of consciousness."

"There is a level of consciousness that, once reached, each person in all reality becomes nothing more than a network endpoint. One who, with death, passes not outward but inward. But inside you don't perceive your death, because if you wake up in your bed in a parallel reality, say, you live on, you won't really know about that reality unless it's in the form of strange intuitions or strange dream images that didn't happen. But you will never be in a state of complete certainty."

"What are the levels of consciousness?"

"Good question, there's the crystal level of consciousness, which has a more popular name, and that's the Christ level of consciousness. Which I think is an attempt by one of the 'celestial' societies to solve a problem, which I won't go into specifically because it would be very confusing."

"Is it a good solution to the problem?"

"Unfortunately not. The idea itself would be good if there was only one dimension stuck in here."

"If someone raises their level of consciousness, does that help themselves?"

"Definitely, as soon as the ÉlményPark was launched."

"What is this ÉlményPark and why is it called Experience Park?"

"That's what the title says best, what this physical plane is. It means the physical plane and the dream realms that are connected to it and its boundary is where the boundary of the problem is. Basically there are four areas. the Healing-Care, the Education-Learning, the Experience-Adventure and the Research-Development. These four areas are also the meaning of life, if you think about it."

"But what is it? A new religion?"

"It could be, but I'm not the religious type, so I called it a holo operating system running on a network of consciousness. If someone wanted to make it a religion, they're screwed."

"What if people start to worship it regardless?"

"To that I say, if you want it bad enough, worship my Holobusiness to Heaven. But rather like it in your mind."

"Third question, what do you believe about death, how does that affect the rest?"

"It's a game. True, it's very real, so it's a good game. The hologram itself interprets the game as being in constant contact with your beliefs. What you believe is what you have. If you believe something about death, it adapts to that. If you believe there is a heaven and hell, it creates it for you. If you can imagine a tower block with you on one of the floors, then heaven is the level above you and hell is the level below you. If you stay on your level, there are parallel realities to continue. But note, you may not be nearly as comfortable in heaven, where you would lose your degree of freedom, individuality and privacy if you ascend to the collective zones. But you are not the only one who can make mistakes, they can make mistakes too. For example, by creating false trials, i.e. forcing many people into poverty, who then all want to become rich after the ascent. Not all directions require poverty and it is difficult to say which direction would be right for whom, which is why a programme I have made does this."

"A programme?"

"People trust a program more than a corrupt angel."

"A corrupt angel? Man, you got something wrong."

"It also turns out that it's useless for you to believe one thing if you accept someone above you who may mean something else entirely by the same concepts. But before you know it, it's too late and you're in over your head. And if you maintain your original belief, then you need a figure like me to realize it. Because this program is extremely decently done."

"Those who have known you for a long time, what would they say if they knew you had such power?"

"Their hair would stand on end. But if they knew that I was the one who had programmed it and that these rules applied to me, I think they would all sign it. It's like a Chinese restaurant owner eating his own food."

"Do you think anyone would accept what you do as scientific?"

"When I go to one hemisphere of the brain, everyone there dismisses it because it's far from the dream they know. It's the same thing in the other brain, it's just the same with reality. But there's a thin line in the middle, which is fine if it stays thin if the point of the game is to play."

"Where do you play?"

"I'm starting admin playtests now. As soon as it is understood at the points in question that I have actually come out of the ÉlményPark, which does run on automatic, I can no longer be accused of abusing that power."

"What power do you have left?"

"It turns out it's even more than that, thanks to a few people whose faith didn't know the limits I had set to restrain myself. But fortunately, my guarantees have been activated."

"What's good for you about limiting your own power?"

"There is a difference between watching a game or a movie without knowing the result and knowing everything about it. That's the difference between the feeling of the game. Watch out! I will say after the sense of power what I said before and do what I said before. I know it's new to you, but you'll get used to it."