ÉlmenyPark versions

The guiding principle is that the ÉlményPark behaves like a Mirror to all civilizations. The other such principle is to assist in the performance of tasks and not to create a systemic obstacle for them. Because I can assure everyone, it is an obstacle to the wrong people, but it helps the right ones.

I would specifically emphasize that because of multiplex projection, no one should think in ‘one reality’, so it is possible that their goals are achievable for everyone in their ‘one reality’. Who can be considered appropriate depends on which knot of reality of which level of which reality is which reality is what is considered ideal for him/her. This is not decided by me, but by a program with complex parameters that I made myself in deep trans.

The ÉlményPark, when it was not yet called it, was originally a spiritual military system, as I encountered a number of hostile higher dimensional beings along the way and the angels were not enthusiastic about it either. Which isn’t surprising because they’re not enthusiastic about anything, which is a novelty, and since they don’t have a logic-based ration, they didn’t really realize that this was exactly what they were praying for. Facing higher dimensional beings when man is not yet a high enough dimensional real challenge, the details of which I will now dispense with. Luckily, I was successful and when they started to understand what it was, in the end it became a world-leading god program, that’s when it got the name ÉlményPark as well.

ÉlményPark is based on the Basic Version, which is available to everyone free of charge. An essential feature of this is that it contains everything you need for the tasks. This was preceded by negotiations with beings in a religious sense for you that were unprecedented, and the end result took into account their perspectives as well. These considerations are often at odds with what we consider ideal, but I must admit that they are often legitimate. I didn’t do the complex task itself in luxury either and I also admitted that if they had accumulated money and women at the time, they might not have been able to stop me, but they could have slowed it down. And the result may not have been of that quality either. So the Basic Version is open to everyone and this path is recognized by Heaven.

However, many things on Earth are different and one of them is the need for advanced services. These are already paid channels, regardless of what we mean only by money, but money only has value in the material world. Because it is a multidimensional business, it is also possible to pay in ways that seem incomprehensible or seem worthless at the human level. For example, when someone forgives their family members, embraces love, or, on the contrary, breaks their relationship with those who infect the higher levels above them in a higher dimensional sense. Many times the things that are considered worthless in this world are unaffordable. Either because they do not understand the reasons or because they are dominated by forces whose competence the ÉlményPark ends at unauthorized levels.

The advantage of premium channels over the Basic Edition is that they are the engines of development. Sometimes the enhancements here are transferred to the free Basic version to make way for newer enhancements. It is important to note that this is a complex anomaly from which the way out in this case is fueled by a completely new approach that has never been seen before in the history of the multiverse.