Death Travel Agency

Parasympathetic feedback

"What is this death bureau?"
"It is a dimensional business that requires specialised skills."
"Yes, but here paper is worthless. You need experience."
"Do you have that?"
"Of course I do. I'm also a self-taught death researcher."
"What kind of service is this?"
"What does that mean?"
"Often the client doesn't even notice the journey, which can be used to create humorous scenes."
"Is it a humorous? Can we hear an example?"
"Sure! I'm always happy for free publicity. The Customer was sitting on the right and a truck in the oncoming lane moved into their lane. Then the next thing you know - and here's where the expertise comes in - he was sitting in a movie theater in another reality where a truck was coming right at him on the screen. Those of you who were there will remember the terrified man jumping up, screaming loudly, so scared."
"Why the fright?"
"It is very important! Death is interpreted very differently in here. So it's especially important to plan well, because a professional execution can go a long way to helping the client. Many of these people, who do not choose a travel agency from the market (unfortunately, I am the only one present in this capacity at the moment), believe in individual tourism. It has its charms, but I can assure you that we do have real expertise, so you can avoid the potential inconvenience of individual travel.
"What does expertise mean here?"
"If the client so wishes, we can also provide an artistic approach."
"You haven't said anything about scares. Why is that necessary?"
"Oh, right, I'm not finished. One of the pitfalls of personal tourism is when someone gets really scared and dies. It can get caught up in the start-finish energy beam and push them out of it, causing them to miss the target. Although there are angelic ministries that specialise in this, it's not good to sit around waiting for who knows how long. So, if you are scared at first because a life-threatening situation comes up and you miraculously survive, you start rejoicing. If that's when the real death comes, he'll go through in perfect spirits, which is better than going blind. This is one of our specialities, by the way."
"What company is this?"
"A holo company."
"What is that?"
"All it takes is a thought to set it up and no tax office and all that bullshit."
"What's the artistic approach?"
"Some people ask for it when they want to be scared to death. We have clients like that."
"Are they flesh and blood?"
"No, their Higher Selves. Who's stupid enough to order that when you're programmed with the survival instinct? The Angels often join in, especially when they see quality service being provided here, their interest is growing."
"How does such fulfilment happen?"
"We work with very advanced holo-effects. We generate a completely realistic image and sound in the Brain for the visual and auditory nerves. So it's easy to be scared to death, so the work of the Creative Team who come up with the Stories becomes extremely important."
"This is terrible!"
"Don't worry, the Process is tightly protected. No unauthorized use."
"Who has this been tried on?"
"Mafiosi and ruthless criminals, primarily. You'd be surprised how many jumped off the roof. This one tops the list."
"What's number two?"
"The question of the guarantee might come up because if he doesn't die of fright and jump off the roof or jump in front of a car or something, he's going crazy. We don't try to do that because in such cases we have to ensure successful completion and in a mental hospital it's quite difficult to do that without hurting somebody there. In such cases you have to ask for a favour from somebody to, say, pounce on him with a knife, which is not good because you can get the staff prosecuted for negligence. The best thing to do - and our company follows this philosophy - is to wait for the occasion, which does tie up our attention and capacity, so we often put out a HoloShow for that."
"What Holoshow?"
"In which the object of the Game is for the contestants to kill the person without any particular problem. They are very popular shows."
"What's the benefit for someone to use such a service at the human level?"
"It takes a lot of the hassle off your shoulders, takes the weight off your shoulders and gets things moving."
"Because he has come from a lot of unnecessary realities and merged with the Self from other realities one level up."
"What do you call that in a religious context?"
"I think ascension."
"In scientific terminology?
"Dimensional ascension."
"Are you complicating this?"
"Exactly! By Heaven's order."
"How do they pay?"
"Always exactly!"

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