Close to religion

"Let's go back to your questioning the power of the spiritual world over the physical."

"I do not doubt it, but I do not accept the simplistic position that has been taken on this subject. Nor can I doubt it if it is proven as fact, albeit not by official science."

"What are these facts?"

"If one has experienced that one's intention has been realized."

"So what if he worked for it?"

"I'm talking about when he did nothing about it, just events turned out as he intended."

"Are you talking about magic?"

"Actually, yes. I have one more thought on this, and this is the one that started me on my extreme arc. I've read that if you hypnotically believe that the coin in your hand is a glowing piece of metal, your hand will burn. This is a refutation of objective reality, which translates as the physical world itself is not real, just as a computer game program is not real."

"Do you think we live in such a simulation?"

"It's not just me, scientists are starting to make such statements. The so-called esoteric literature also says that the physical world is an illusion, which is actually a semi-religious approach, because it states the point but does not make it clear."

"If this is a simulation, who are the angels?"

"It's a holographic structure world, which is starting to expand and many spiritual spheres are getting caught up in this holographic frequency. The problem with interpretation is that when it is complicated, it is impossible to understand the same concepts in the same terms with simple interpretation. Religions have evolved as people with simple interpretations encountered phenomena that they could not adequately explain and only converted the essence into information that other people could understand. But it could also be that the being whose role became god - and let us now disregard the fact that if someone claims to be omnipotent, why would he need an alliance with humans - passed on knowledge for teaching purposes to certain humans who could draw the angelic hierarchy on this basis. I grew up on science fiction in the classic era of science fiction and..."

"What is the classical era?"

"I'll give you a good example. One of these books is the Foundation Trilogy, which has recently been made into a series. Poor Isaac Asimov would surely be coughing in his grave at the sight of that, because on the one hand it has little to do with the book, and on the other hand the quality is nothing to compare with it. These were quality books that could be called textbooks, because they dealt with subjects that do not fit in with today's action-packed expectations. I would go on to say that in these science fiction books, and even in Star Trek, there is a prime directive that governs how the more advanced races should behave so as not to interfere with the development of the less advanced. Now, such directives were certainly not floating before the eyes of those who visited our world, nor are they floating today."

"Is this how religions evolved?"

"Visiting aliens tried to impose their own world view, but I would argue that these aliens were not so much alien as something that happened to them, what I would call the collective memory wipe of humanity, and then they became alien."

"Could you elaborate on that?"


"Why not?"

"Because I'm not sure it's a bad thing for us. I might as well have done it or I will do it in meditation, because in the present, it certainly hasn't happened yet."

"Why would you do that?"

"I do a lot of things that are related to the world restoration program. It's such an extensive operation that no one would understand it, especially at a lower perspective."

"I feel like the alien and spiritual worlds are merging here."

"If an earthly priest talked to the aliens and started talking about angels, it would still merge."

"How can this issue be clarified?"

"If the aliens are also bound to the spiritual world, it will be difficult if they appear here as representatives of this spiritual world. As a priest does. The confusion could arise if the aliens were the cause of the earthly religions, which certainly deviated from their original arc, there were enough synods to do so. The fear on Earth is that if the existence of aliens is revealed, the faith that has been established here will collapse. I think the real reason is that the differences are revealed."

"What are these differences?"

"I wouldn't go into that too deeply, because although everyone prays for a better world, no one would give up their comfort and this civilization for the one that aliens live in. In fact, I think it is the aliens who are more interested in a better world, unofficially of course, the only obstacle to which is that in their eyes, humans on Earth are actually savages because of our aggressive nature and our propensity for war. To start with, they have a very different view of the animal world, and they don't like the way we are destroying the planet today for the profit of a few. What would be all very well if it had not happened is that after the alien invasion, the situation in these areas became even worse, for which there are reasons, but the discovery of which is extremely unpleasant for them, so the blame will certainly be on someone else."

"What about real angels?"

"I don't think real angels have any idea that this world exists. Or if they do, just as their world does for us. Full of intermediaries and everyone just believes something about it."

"Who are these intermediaries?"

"I think the point is. If the two endpoints don't know each other, that increases the potential for intermediaries. Who can even create religions on which institutions and interests can develop."


"Suppose you snort a hump dose of ketamine, which in effect takes you to your death. But you don't notice any of this in the first person, you project the world around you in the same way. However, your consciousness has elevated its position, but you are not competent to die, so you are not allowed into Heaven, now let's call it that. You are stuck between the two worlds in the belief that you are alive, as evidenced by your beating heart. You continue to live your life in a zone that doesn't officially exist, but is already filled with so many people that it has evolved into a sphere of its own. However, there will be those who will realize this and grow out of it as I did and begin to develop their celestial and terrestrial systems of relationships, gain political-economic power, not to mention religion. They set up their hierarchies and you are born into it and accept what they tell you, that the world is like this and that's it, there's nothing to be done."

"Is that the situation you want to sort out?"

"I've sorted it out, but all these things have to be repeated one step down, one step down and so on. My brain has opened up enough, to dimensions that if I didn't have this ability, I'd surely be drooling out the side of my mouth in a mental institution and staring stupefied out of my head like those real angels who have tried their hand at exploring the physical plane."

"You said at the beginning that the physical world is an illusion, didn't you? That this is just a holographic simulation."

"Which also brought together a couple of spheres that it just fell on. The reason for this could easily be me, because if I ascend with my consciousness to the 42nd dimension and I am surrounded by the same 3D outside world, it assumes that the physical plane has been created where it was not before. When I realised this, I immediately - that was about 5 years long - took action and created the ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark) Platform, whose main engine is an automated problem solving module. So this world had boundaries and protocols to prevent further anomalies and to sort out the older ones."

"Automatic module?"

"Well, yes, I am alone in a task that is orders of magnitude beyond my capacity, but that capacity is enough to manage a rendering principle that will run in any environment."

"What kind of program is it?"

"Since I live here in 3D, it's basically holographic, but from a professional point of view it's like writing machine code from a graphical interface."

"How is this program written?"

"Precise dreaming. In other words, in meditation."

"What do you do in between? What do you do for a living?"

"Well, if I do this 0-24. At the moment, this has also become the number one problem, because what I do is not to the liking of many people and they have seen in it my vulnerability and the possibility of blackmailing me. It is difficult, because anyone could easily change that, but there are hardly any people in the right perspective to understand what I am doing. The rest can be scared and banned from me, which I don't mind so much anyway, because that requires solitude and peace, not monkeys belittling or worshipping me."

"Why do you monkey people?"

"If I approach a competent master with this problem and he replies that I have to solve it myself, is he not a monkey if he has no idea what he has started?"

"If I don't understand it either, am I a monkey too?"

"Yes. If you tell a man with such a consciousness, who is doing such a task, that he has to solve the money issue himself, you feel like you are telling an autistic person, you are forcing him to start back. It's one thing to think that the establishment will protect you and it's one thing not to look like a marginalised pauper who can do anything about these big people, but then it's another thing to think that's what's going to happen."

"What's going to happen?"

"I only know the end of the story because it's the same at every level, except how things are going to happen. That's also what the holo entertainment business I've built on this is based on. Because the biggest problem in the spiritual spheres is boredom, and I'm solving it with the now closed boundaries of the ÉlményPark. Everything is done very well and fairly, including access management, which has existed under savage-eso-capitalist conditions."

"Where is this comeback of yours?"

"Already at the substantive stage as far as you are concerned. But unfortunately I had to believe that I was losing to get the whores as far away from the opposite direction as possible, because the body has areas that the spiritual world is not prepared for, but now I am."