Begging upwards

"So you reject the superiority of the spiritual world over the physical?"

"I don't reject it, I just found a critical flaw in it. If IT people find a critical flaw in the system, they will fix it. That's what I do."

"By what right?"

"Let's start with the fact that in our world there is no such thing officially. Anyone who talks about it is a fool. Regardless of the fact that half the planet lives a religious life, they are not fools because they are born into religions and only those who talk about it outside of religions can be fools here. I think that we should make this clear, but in my solution I am thinking of everyone, including those who continue to imagine spirituality in a kneeling, prostrate way. By what right? Since it does not exist officially, I have nothing to say to the official channels, because they have nothing to ask. But in the spiritual world..."

"What do you call the spiritual world?"

"Good question, it's worth clarifying all the terms so that they mean the same thing. I call spiritual worlds dream worlds, which are not proven to exist in reality, despite the fact that everyone is asleep and dreaming. The question of dreams itself needs to be explained, because the interpretations are not clear. Science tells us that a dream is a fantasy generated by the brain while we sleep, and the consensus is that a dream is 'just' a dream, which can also be called a fantasy. And if someone is successful in life, they are said to have achieved their dreams. We have reached the borderline of magic, which also does not officially exist. What I think about all this, by the way, is that most people are afraid to face their minds and this fear is an obstacle to research in this area and to the flourishing of religions. For which there is no other rational explanation, because if a religious scientist goes to church and listens to a priest who does not show an ounce of evidence, yet remains religious, then it is worth looking for an answer that explains this. Since cowardice is embarrassing, few people will admit to being afraid of the spiritual world or of being taken for a fool. My personal experience is that if one is going to do this, it should be done without fear, because these fears I have just mentioned can be justified, and I have even had actions taken against me that I have called 'self-disturbing' and 'maddening' spells."


"Officially very nice people who often play the role of victims."

"How did you protect them?"

"I'm an explorer and I didn't see them as prey, but tried to observe and explore them. A lot depends on what you believe and how sure you are of yourself."

"What did you feel during the process?"

"It's also good to know that each one is both a chance to learn more and an opportunity. When I have travelled the various realms of my consciousness, I may never reach the edge of the real angel world if I don't reach the edge of madness. For that world is beyond. It was very difficult to mark out the boundaries, because although rationality did not fail, it did not really stick to that world. Because I was sure I could bring my consciousness back from there, fears did not define my presence."

"Do you keep going on about what right do you have to do these things? We're past the official part and you've started to get into the spiritual world's perspective..."

"Oh yeah. The first problem was that I could hardly find two of these domains that meant the same thing by god. The very fact that someone could get to such levels outside of the institutions built for it was unprecedented and that they weren't wiped out was explained by the scientific approach. Namely, that I did not rule out the existence of a god in the absence of evidence to that effect. The dominant view was that this was actually a search for God and everyone started to be interested in what I was getting at. The main problem to this day is that everyone is in a collective consciousness in a collective consciousness network, and I have risen in an individual consciousness."

"What is this elevation in your explanation?"

"When fishermen cast their nets, which catch a lot of fish, they are ascended from the point of view of the other fish. They are actually food for humans, who are a physically superior species to fish. If I accept the empirical observation that the world = mirror, then I have just given everyone a little spark to this thinking."

"Are you saying that we would be food for others? For whom? The angels?"

"What would a pet consider a human being?"

"How does this relate to the fact that there are star families that exist not only between humans, but vertically and horizontally between dimensions?"

"If you look at it this way, this is how animals relate to humans. I think it's a gigantic network in which a system has developed because of the peculiarities of the hologram and my personal observation here is that it's worth looking at this system as Genesis 1.0, which requires, and strongly requires, a version 2.0. This requires a mind that is capable of further ordering, which we can safely call ordering of consciousness. Institutions that have evolved for 1.0, especially religious ones, often apply dogmas that entrench the flaws of 1.0, which is understandable if we assume that no human being is born who can acquire the competence needed for ordering or developing consciousness. But if they are born, they actually acquire the right to do so by getting through these blocks."

"Did you get through?"

"Quite a rough road. I've been threatened with being erased from the universe, which it failed, and then being completely isolated, i.e. cut off from the world. But I know the characteristics of the hologram, and I saw in it the possibility of enclosing the whole world, which is in fact the condition for the ordering of consciousness."

"If you are locked up and alone, how?"

"As I said before, I know the characteristics of the hologram. If archaeologists were to look into this and try to interpret information about, say, Mesoamerican gods in the light of this, they would make a great leap forward in understanding. I mean things like the present can turn into the past at any time and the past can turn into the future at any time. It is very difficult to understand that everything, and I stress everything, comes from the mind, especially if you live in reality and cannot reach a certain level of consciousness."

"How important is the level of consciousness here?"

"Do you see the connections or not. Do you understand the bigger picture or not. What science does is very important, but it's worth nothing without the other half. Unfortunately, those who have the right body of knowledge don't see themselves as equal to those who have the other half and in fact it's the other way around."


"Because they have studied and worked hard to get to fame. Those who have the other half may not even have a degree, because they have done the same in their own field, that's why they didn't have time to get the papers. And they say that if they share their knowledge with a scientist, this information will fall into the hands of those who, as financiers, will provide the scientist with the necessary resources and thus will have the results. Here we have two parallel worlds of solutions living side by side, in danger of falling into the unauthorised hands of those who have the financial resources to do whatever they want."

"But if we follow the trail of your logic, these money men are also committed to those who have put them in such an advantageous position and it is upwards to the spiritual world."

"If we follow my logic, I will become a rebel who challenges the power of the spiritual world. But I cannot be a rebel, because a rebellion can be defeated and there is also a catch, that my level of consciousness gives me a rank in the spiritual realm that makes me - in the outside interpretation - a god, and their god at that. But I continue to speak of my individual consciousness, which to this day is difficult for collectives to understand, and I am also part of collectives who are ranked below the gods whose individual consciousness I have become their god."

"I am confused about this."

"You are not alone, so is every collective. The solution to this is to detach myself from all collectives and create a new one of similar people or beings. But then a situation arises in the Heart as if I cut the heart connection, which is emotionally very bad for them. Not to mention that there is also a heart occupation here through which energy theft is taking place on a large scale, and they don't want to give up that revenue. I'm taking it step by step, where each party has its own steps that make it an increasingly difficult situation to resolve. If I have to take everyone's point of view into account, I will get to what I have just been talking about, that the whole world will be inside me, which is actually a condition for sorting out consciousness."

"How is this ordering of consciousness achieved?"

"Through the rational hemisphere of the human brain, the result of which I mirror onto the other."

"Then the whole world would be in one piece of man? How do you have the capacity to do that?"

"Research shows that the average person uses only 4% of their brain. I'm not an average person. I've been doing this for 20 years and you mean 0-24 years."

"What is your goal?"

"First, to clarify whether the spiritual world is really superior. Then to what extent it is normal or right to subjugate the physical world to this extent. For me, it is not normal at all to have masses of people kneeling here and begging to beings they know nothing about. Sure, I understand the importance and power of faith and its impact on societies, but churches are still institutions of earthly power when they speak of the soul. And this is one of my main questions, are they absolutely necessary for one to embark on the path of spirituality? What is special about this planet is that there is such a thing as an 'individual path', although there are specialised groups hunting for such highs lest a new Buddha (or Mohammed or Jesus) emerge and one of the main purposes of the alien presence is to access these energies to maintain the power of their institutional systems."

"What have they achieved for you?"

"A lot and nothing at the same time. I was caught and possessed before I even started my meditations, but that disappeared for me as soon as I got into the deep trans realm. It soon became apparent to them that I was going to be a problem, but they bound me with energies and were reassured to see me sitting quietly, my energies were being stolen further. I think they made a huge blunder by cutting off my income while waiting for me to submit, because they forced me to return to a world where everything requires money. In the deep trance I suspended work and started the process, made more difficult by the fact that I had to create my own spiritual platform, a slow process that took years. That's how I knew I had reached the borderline, that I started to feel this possession again, and for them the problem that had been swept under the carpet was resurfacing."

"If no one understands your ascent in individual consciousness, whereby they believe you have become their god, but collectively you are their subordinate, how do you get beyond that?"

"I don't know yet. If I knew, they would know, because they are constantly watching me on the collective channel. But even in the deep trance I have developed a lot of techniques and I use them. I know they are successful because the early arrogant, cynical pomposity has been replaced by a willingness to compromise, and more recently they promise fabulous wealth and a golden life."

"Why don't you accept it?"

"Why should I accept from thieves a fraction of what they have stolen from me and maintain a world I want to change fundamentally?"


"Because I must make it worthy of my rank. That is, I have to take what surrounds me here to a divine level. For reasons that are beyond their understanding."

"You mean the Earth?"

"The multiverse. But that's only one level, the old world remains on a lower level. But I have to customize the one I live in."


"Heaven is the Earth where they don't beg upwards."