About the Hologram

Smart light.

"What makes it smart? Do it have it's own consciousness?"

"Not quite. It becomes meaningful when it interacts with a thinking mind."

"What happens then?"

"A game will be created, but that's my interpretation. The world is created a little more scientifically."


"With holographic projection."

"What is the main feature of this projection?"

"Any small part has all the information."

"What if it's just a small part?"

"That's why I call it a game."

"Have you talked to a scientist about this before?"

"Come on, very few scientists would be able to talk to me seriously about this."


"Because scientists are also part of the game. I read a mind statement somewhere. The physicist is the atom’s attempt to understand itself."

"Why would few scientists be able to talk to you about this?"

"Scientist's play is about rank, reputation, and self-esteem. Only those who humbly treat the goal would be able to do so. That is, they are scientists because they are interested in their field of research and not in rank or money. Anyway, this is not just for scientists, but for everyone, including esoteric masters."

"The masters too?"

"Otherwise you wouldn't call yourself a master. Or a grandmaster. Imagine what would happen if a scientist and a master sat down to talk to each other seriously."

"I think there would be a serious scientist who would take you seriously."

"But I have to describe things like that. That is, I have to adapt to the world of the scientist to be taken seriously."

"But that's normal, isn't it?"

"Yes, it's just a question of how serious the scientist can be for me."

"What is the basis for serious reception?"

“The terrible difficulty on the part of the scientist is that I don’t have any paper on this, including a specialization degree, preferably at Harvard. That is, in his eyes, I am an outsider dilettante who encroaches on his area."

"And for your part?"

"I don't care who a scientist is. For me, it really doesn't matter the size. I put a terrible job into this, giving up 20 years of my life whose results would be stolen, but no one would do it instead me all along. If a humanly fit scientist were to come, he would use my results to give power to those from whom he expects research money and other resources."

"What do you do with the knowledge you have?"

"I already did."


"I sorted out a mistake based on a critical misunderstanding. This is because it was not clear in the game who and according to what aspects to design the levels. I created the game levels, the waiting area and the admin levels. Thus, it is already clear who can access the world and with what authority."


"It's like designing an adventure game program with a developer's eye."

"What does it take to make that meeting happen?"

"The level of consciousness. What a scientist does not have is because he spends the part of his life studying for a degree in which he could obtain it."

"Then you need a scientist to match the knowledge you lack."

"It depends on what the goal is. Because if I combine these two knowledge, I also have to make sure that the result does not fall into unworthy hands. And these unworthy people are already beginning to rule the world. Now, I don’t want to go into why.

"What would you use the world for?"

"The holo operating system called ÉlményPark now provides the framework for this game. When the same question arose during my meditations, I came to the following. The meaning of the world, that is, its goals are:

1. Education - Learning
2. Healing - Care
3. Experience - Adventure
4. Research - Development

"Where's the hardware?"

"It is a Light, that is, the Light itself is the hardware in the non-physical domain."

"But it has to be for it."

"In your thinking, which binds everything to matter. So your thinking will show up in your projection, which is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because you have many valuable elements in your thinking, and a curse because it also shows its limitations."

"Would you accept a doctorate for that?"

"I could only be an honorary doctor without a degree. So who do I decorate?"