About ÉlményPark

Just as no one is born a hero but becomes one on the fly, I didn’t start by making a holo operating system. The situation brought it that way.

"Do you consider yourself a hero?"

"Difficult question. Because if I consider myself that, then it’s everyone who helped me in this work. As long as there is a risk in this help. Everyone is a hero as big as the risk of taking on a role. And the filling of the rank is determined by the level of responsibility."

"What justified the creation of the ÉlményPark?"

"I can give you a small example. When I turned up in groups of eso to gather data and evidence, I heard a case study there. The topic was a request to the Universe. Someone really wanted a particular type of car and when he managed to get it, it turned out it belonged to an elderly man who had to die for it. Man is a rational being, that is, many unspoken things are ‘self-evident’, which in turn is not taken into account by the Universe (I would rather use the term Hologram). Already during my meditations, I noticed during the hologram experiments that although extremely flexible, it is also quite raw. So I noticed a gray zone that I couldn’t call a bug, but a part of development that could be further developed for someone. Before that, this was done by adding many more parameters to such a request, starting from the previous example, let’s say no one gets hurt. Anyone who uses the ÉlményPark platform as a tool in their spiritual path will now have these ‘obvious things’ work automatically."

"What does that mean?"

“When I say that I created Creation 2.0, its purpose is not to polish myself, but to outline the essence of the work in a concise, concise, and understandable way. It’s like someone is writing a good computer game and I’d sit down to do it a lot better."

"According to what principles?"

"It's like Linux."

"Also open source?"

"Yes, the road is open to anyone, but it won't allow anybody to access this source code. It is also parameterized in terms of readiness, purity, personality and level of consciousness."

"How long has it been working?"

"It’s hard to answer this in 3D because every higher dimensional operation has a reversible ripple in time. But I know you understand, just that information doesn’t have much practical use. But for me, the years on the timeline are 2015-2018-2021."

"What happened then?"

"In 2015, I realized the dilettantism I had experienced even from the best-intentioned intervening beings. I don’t blame them, they came from a completely different environment. But I could not base my return on consciousness on them from now on, and it became necessary to have my own spiritual framework independent of them, which would adapt to my intuitive-rational thinking."

"Do you call this spiritual framework a holo operating system?"

“I might even call it a new religion, but I prefer the word worldview instead. This is because it has no elements typical of religions, in fact, it well joke anyone who wants to make something like it out of it. Let's say in 300 years."

"What happened in 2018?"

"Quick launch of the ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark). Unfortunately, the tension of civilization was present throughout my meditations, for I had no income. Basically, everyone was hostile to me and that hasn’t changed much today anyway. But it is also understandable that so much interest has developed in institutional form against these errors. Starting the ÉlményPark would normally have been about 3 months, but seeing this indifference, cowardice and vulgarity, I did it in 3 days."

"Isn't that going to be a problem?"

"Not for me. But many people who would have had the opportunity to provide peaceful conditions for this work could certainly be in a state of shock. At that time, a lot of things changed fundamentally, such as my attitude to the world. I no longer strive for people to understand, nor for popularity, and to put a pillow under their ass."


"From the deep trans admin level, an operation reaches the physical world in about 3 years."

"How much does the pandemic have to do with this?"

"I don't know, I work with parameters and not concretes."

"What does that mean?"

“Remember, this is a huge job that even my turbocharged, more advanced brain wouldn’t be able to handle if I hadn’t figured out a solution to it. The solution has been to work with principles, philosophies and parameters that can be adapted to any environment."

"Many people say that what you have created is the work of Satan."

"I can easily call you salvation."

"Would you be the Savior then?"

"Listen, I'm not baptized. It’s terribly hard to talk about this without religion because everyone sees religion in it. Spirituality has nothing to do with religion, religions have entered this realm and believed people that this is their exclusivity. What I did was done on the ground of natural rationality and there was no intention of redemption in it. But I recognize that this is how it can be interpreted in the information environment of a religious person."

"What did it save us from?"

"There's an interesting logic problem, it fits right here. Suppose I have the foresight and the ability to prevent certain disasters. If I prevented it, nothing will prove it, because that way disasters will not happen. That is, I could only give you an answer to your question that you either believe or don’t."

"Would these catastrophes have been the works of Evil?"

"More like stupidity. Or the raw implementation just mentioned, which can thus be called Creation 1.0. Although it is a bit evil to call stupid beings with much greater capacity than us, whose meaning is not based on a logic-based ration."

"Then you are the most powerful being in the world?"

"The problem is, if I want to make it my income, I can't use that. That is, the power you understand to rule over others and gain fabulous wealth would be a primitive pull that is not worthy of this accomplishment. There is another problem (which Jesus did anyway) is that he is unlucky to hold spiritual and worldly power in one hand. I solved this by creating the ÉlményPark, which I put on an automatic mode and came out of it. Even though I’m the main developer, its rules apply to me as much as they do to you. But then I would still be here without income in an increasingly expensive world where everything costs money. And here comes the image 1ST1 recognizing that it will be necessary to further tint the image."

"What is 1ST1 and how to pronounce its name?"

"I say we need to further nuance the picture. Namely, that ÉlményPark controls the collective consciousness, and 1ST1 will be the operating system of the individual consciousness. I named it ExperiencePark because it best reflects the essence of the physical plane, but is basically suitable for controlling single-centered hierarchies. It was named 1ST1 because First One sounds much better than the Istvan (aistvoen). I say ‘ishti’ anyway. And so it's really pretty linux."

"If it will be, what is today?"

“It was originally a spiritual military system because I’m not stupid and I know what attacks I’m facing. As opposed to those who spent their time in ‘shallow water’ and know almost everything about magic. I, on the other hand, spent my time in ‘deep water’ and know almost nothing about what they know. But I know things that they don't and I created another system out of it, which is logically similar to ÉlményPark anyway. Now I call it Game Server because I realized I can’t just use it for myself. That is, it has again become a selfless task that takes individual considerations into account. In that sense, it can already help my personal problem, but it is nowhere near what could be called ‘my power’."

"What can be called your personal power?"

"This is DIZ. DIZ is Me. Where did that spiritual military system go? Here."

 "If you don't know much about magic, what's its power?"

"But I didn't say I didn't know anything about it. But learning what they know for me is not an option. The best example of this is the tarot. People, I have no faint idea what the difference is between a big arcan and a small one. I bridged this problem by creating a whole new tarot system. That is, I don’t learn the existing magic of shallow water because I created a whole new one."

"What is the difference?"

"Going on the tarot example. The tarot card is said to be an intuitive system, yet if you look at it, it is quite rationally designed. Which requires a specialist to interpret. My cards are rational, but they are intuitively created and don’t need anyone but you. What comes together in your head is the point."

"How much do you really know about esoteric doctrines?"

"Almost nothing. The second lesson of the first grade of elementary school, where I could sit. But I know some that I wouldn’t even dare say in the last lecture of college graduate year. When I am accused of having to make up for the knowledge that was lost due to the flight of my consciousness, it is now as if I had to learn punch card programming in the age of PCs."

"Whoever reads this from scratch is at a disadvantage compared to those who are already proficient in magic?"

“Whoever finds it out of nowhere has a preference over those who should match this with their own knowledge."

"How to find this ÉlményPark?"

"Just a thought and that's it. This is the modern age in esotericism as well!"