How do I get started?

If you're a beginner, here's my advice. Just start the ÉlményPark in your head and don't read anything from here. Live your life and be happy! But I know there are always those who want more information than they need, so don't be disappointed...But you know that man is a man who likes to hear only the good and the beautiful, but I was and am a believer in solutions with substance.

1. What do you want to start

"How did it start for you?"
"Then or afterwards?"
"What's the difference?"
"In hindsight you can see the connections better."
"Then and afterwards."
"Then, like anyone, even those who deny it. That I'll have the magic to improve my odds in this game called life. I also had an exploratory streak."
"How much of an attraction was the power over others?"
"I'm not really interested in that today. If I did, I'd do it very differently."
"How would you have done it?"
"The same way anyone else would have. I'd have been done in a hurry with the world under my feet. So I took an extra three years of my life to develop Multiplex Projection. The difference is that in the latter case, you can see how a Democrat has solved the absolute plenary power problem."
"Where does this power come from?"
"I think my whole life has been full of trials and there was a being who gambled away the 4% chance of success she still had and gave me the skill set I needed to solve them."
"What do you mean by 4% chance?"
"It should be information that everyone can access through their own channels if they are competent. But at the heart of it is what should be the fate of the physical world. Which is where those who see development in the sense that an honest, intelligent person sees it are very wrong."
"What was the risk on that being's part in choosing you?"
"That power would make me act differently from what I had professed before. Let's face it, that was a really big risk on her part and I don't think she would have thought of doing such a thing if she hadn't been under compulsion."
"What did she put in your hands?"
"The definition of the world."
"I don't understand."
"I can live with that."
"In hindsight, how did it start for you and when did you get to the point where you drew the line here?"
"About 5 years ago when I was thinking about this. The problem with that is that on our timeline, defining the beginning of something is just one T0 of many, as far as the body is concerned. If I look at it in such a one dimensional way, one New Year's Eve was the beginning for me sometime in the early 2000s. I didn't go out partying anywhere, I brought myself home alone in an altered state of consciousness and the strange thing was that when I looked at the clock it said January 2. From here the body considers the start of this journey, which I didn't know at the time would continue into 2022."
"What if you had found out then?"
"I don't think I would have had the energy to live without an income for 20 years just doing this."
"Did that change you?"
"Not really from that, but rather from meeting all sorts of creatures that have changed a lot of my original ideas, which in hindsight were admittedly based on rather idealistic and optimistic foundations. What has changed is that they are now based on realistic principles. Thinking also that there may still be beings and people who are worthy of an idealistic and optimistic world, but that is what Multiplex Projection now provides."
"You didn't finish what event you put the start on in hindsight."
"It must have been in the early '90s in the years after the regime change, when my mates and I went somewhere and got caught up in a crowd coming out of a modern church meeting. I watched them, they looked like well dressed, intelligent people and we couldn't understand how they could take seriously what was being printed in such places. It may have crossed my mind that I would look into this and refute it. It could easily be that this is where the Intent started, which then determined the later ones."
"What is this Intention and what is its significance?"
"You live your life before the Intention in pursuit of an intention of lesser value. It should be thought of as a ray that you create for yourself. If it is true that the purpose of life is spiritual development, then this intention is a very high card in this, because it translates as the object of inquiry is God himself, and the purpose is to determine his existence or non-existence."
"For those who are beginning to think about embarking on esoteric development, what advice would you give them?"
"I would talk him out of it. But I know that once you've had that first experience, there's no going back. So I took that into account later when I defined the world."
"Can anyone else get to the level you have?"
"I don't think so."
"Why not?"
"Because it took a combination of factors that I would say, if I had to do it again, I would fail."
"Can you give me some of those?"
"There's the severe head injuries I had before. In hindsight, I know that these were attempts by certain higher dimensional beings to kill me before I got into this, but it was a strange way to open my mind to the deep trans realm where no physical being had ever gone before, let alone with their individual consciousness. But I made sure it didn't get there afterwards, because it was also an extraordinary stroke of luck, because here the personality of the human being is a priority. I saw in it an exceptional responsibility, which I lived with and did not abuse. Along the way, I got into situations that could have bled me to death. Each one of those was a special factor and to get through them..."
"What makes you think that no one else could have made it here?"
"There has just been an attempt to do so by those who were on my back when I was on my way up. As soon as I reached the deep trance, I didn't sense them anymore, but as soon as I came back and re-entered the normal trance range, they appeared again. Behind them are those who have taken over the planet and who are certainly not happy about my return. Presumably they have tried to get their best people in and their brains are not up to it. I have indicated to them in vain that they should not even try this, but so far they have not listened to me. It is very difficult to talk about this because I can feel them, but words cannot describe the way a person who uses both logical reasoning and intuition sees beings and people who do not use them."
"How did they get on your back?"
"Normally, everything would have been different if I had done what I was supposed to do, wait for things to just happen. Because you don't need a master for that at all. You just need you and if you are committed enough to the goal, everything will come to you. If I were to draw a parallel with religions, it would be the path of Buddha, who went into a forest and never came out until he reached enlightenment. Yes, but if you look at the Buddhists, especially the Tibetan lamas, who I would call extreme eso's, there is nowhere else that has so much bound ceremony as they have done. It is also a fact that when I had a few encounters with European Buddhists, I found quite a good common ground with them, but they just don't do anything, which includes never helping me. In the end, I came to the conclusion that it is better to stay away from religious people, because they are so full of dogma that any cooperation with them is pointless. Especially in the light of the fact that their faith absolves them of any dishonesty if I am appointed, say, Satan. I am so alone in this task that I realize that I have neither the capacity nor the time left in my life to do this. As soon as it became clear to me that I was being treated as an enemy by those above our heads, I was forced to learn spiritual warfare, at which I had proved to be quite talented."
"Why were you treated as an enemy?"
"All they need is a little contradiction. Since my body had been occupied and they had latched on to my heart channel, they were no longer those kind understanding beings, but the reality of the Collective fell upon me. In this, not even a suggestion is acceptable."
"Because the boss is the nicest, the smartest, the richest, the biggest and to make even one suggestion on what and how to do better is to question the power of the boss. Don't look for logic or rationale here. A firefight developed quite quickly, which took them by surprise, as they are used to prostration and begging. Maybe that's how I got into deep trance so quickly, because they had to find a solution to the problem quickly and they shot my mind out into the Unknown. Which I was introduced to."
"I don't think the average person would go down that road."
"The average person would certainly have that angelic feeling, which I won't deny is really cool. I had my share of that, back in the beginning. I've had experiences that are beyond words. But if I get stuck here, I'm going to miss the point of the Purpose, which is to get to the bottom of this god question."
"What do you think the journey of the average person is?"
"Sooner or later, everyone comes to such a community and meets a master. I have met a few, but my purpose was not to be a member of such communities, but to gather data and evidence as to whether this spiritual world really exists or if it is all a big fake. But I stayed on my individual path and was quite naive about the honesty of the masters. It was a mistake to assume that what they say is true and that being a master is not only about their abilities but also about their personality. And the goal of most of the people who join these groups is to belong to a community, which is where the individual path gets lost. But later I realised that I needed these experiences so that in the new version I could eliminate the mistakes I had seen."
"To what extent were they cults?"
"Let's clear something up. By cult, everyone understands the preconception that there is a devious master who draws in unfortunate people and then starts to rule over them. That's because only such cases make it to the media, but it's no more than 15-20% of the time. And if I asked you to list these cases, I don't know who would get to the fingers of the other hand. Speaking of which, there are parties in government in more than one country that fit the definition of a sect, i.e. such things are not only possible in religious guise."
"What are the characteristics of cults?"
"There is expectation; there are positions; there is organisation; free will is limited; individual tasks disappear and only those assigned by the master are acceptable; all individual intentions become hostile if they are contrary to the master's; dissenters become traitors."
"You said that cults founded by devious masters are only 15-20% of the total. What are the rest?"
"That the master has no intention of starting a cult, but his disciples do. If one is a master, it means that most of the time he is not active in the physical world, but sits in one place and raises his consciousness to other realms. In this case, he is actually in a vulnerable position because others have to take care of him. If he surrounds himself with inappropriate people, he may easily become a puppet in the hands of those who have seen the possibility of ruling over those who come after it. This is a very serious problem that no one talks about."
"Why not?"
"Because no one is interested."
"How much power is in the hands of such groups and corporations?"
"If they were independent, then this question would make sense. I'm in the position of having actually been born into a time period where I've seen a lot of things from the beginning that are defining for human civilization. I lived in a world when there was no such choice of TV channels, no internet, no mobile phones, no computers. For young people today, this is unimaginable, but what did I do instead? I read books, played football, tennis and I had a ZX Spectrum, which was soon to be replaced by PCs, still running DOS. I saw a few esoteric groups in the early days and watched the gangster change called regime change and even the alien occupation, which although it's right there in front of your eyes, you don't notice it. If someone starts this today, I don't know how they manage it, I could take the battery out of my mobile phone for a couple of years and understand how my TV and computer monitor went out at the same time. That said, I had a few years where I didn't use technology or used it to a limited extent. I just sat in an apartment for years watching it get light outside, then dark, then light again, and so on."
"How can you live with that in your right mind?"
"So that when your inner world comes alive, it becomes more interesting than anything else. You're not bored at all, although I've been approached by people who didn't make it here. Since there was already a serious spiritual lock on people back then, it's not surprising, but with a little creativity, everyone can figure out how to facilitate an altered state of consciousness and jump that lock with their mind."
"Who picked this lock?"
"We could argue whether this is right or wrong, I would have strong arguments both ways. I don't know if I should include aliens, who don't officially exist, except at the microbe level. I once heard or read a long time ago that all these esotheric groups  were lifebelts dropped from the sky, but I would strongly nuance that picture as I got to know them better. When the first experiences come, the earthly spiritualist says that what comes from above is all god and angels, I see it as much more complex than that."
"You mentioned alien possession. Are these aliens evil?"
"Not at all. Humans are much more evil. Rather, it's worth noting that a.) agreeing on something doesn't mean you agree on everything and b.) the same terms can easily mean something quite different. I would compare the danger of aliens more to being in contact with powerful little children who are very unfortunate but very easy to offend."
"Do you compare aliens to small children?"
"They are much purer beings and lack rational thought. That's what the Indians in the north may have been like, we saw the result, but so did the aliens. The purpose of their occupation is to change the aggression in humanity and the world based on interests, but I am not convinced that what they want instead is what we will see on earth. But they're pretty good at making people believe their own superiority, which is something like there are five areas, one of which they are, before they consider only that one."
"What do aliens have to do with angels?"
"When you prostrate yourself after your first spiritual experience, it's no different than when the natives prostrated themselves before the lighter. Those Europeans were neither angels nor gods. Neither are they, but they don't protest when you see them as such. Looking at the situation, I have decided to install my spiritual framework, called ÉlményPark, on the web of humanity's consciousness and not start fooling half the world and not convince anyone. If you want to do this consciously, just mentally call this ÉlményPark and it will go from there."
"What path?"
"You don't have to deal with a lot of problems that someone once had to sort out, which means you get a clearer picture and can use it as a tool on your own individual path. Warning, it is not God and it is not with you! It's a spiritual framework, I call it a holo operating system running on a network of consciousness."
"How would you start this if you were a beginner?"
"I'm in no hurry to get anywhere. If you have the Intention, get back to your life and you can't avoid it at the right time anyway. But until then you can prepare for it."
"You'll understand that later. You may just have to mature so that when the task comes your way, you can rise to it."

2.  Step by step

"I think you know that few of those who would do such a thing really believe it enough to bet their lives on it?"
"Since you have let go of the Intention, if you can't do it on your own, you will have to."
"I'll have to what?"
"Believe in yourself, because there will be no other way."
"What other ways can there be?"
"Go to a master or give it all up. Giving up is also getting married and having a child, because in that case you are choosing life and participating in the reproductive program of humanity. Of course, you may change your mind along the way, but you are putting a heavy weight on your shoulders, because it is harder to meditate for several years with, say, a child. But it is not impossible. However, it may happen that you are blackmailed with your child's life, from which you can move on to another level, in 5% of cases."
"You must continue to believe in yourself."
"Who would blackmail me and why?"
"Who knows what personal power you are gaining."
"What's yours like?"
"It cannot be interpreted in the outside world, therefore it has no value."
"But it must have some value."
"First you have to understand it. Then you would have to figure out how to make money with it and only then does it have value. But in my case, I've stumbled into something that could easily raise the question of unworthiness in such a case, and also, if I start trying and using it, it might be stolen, as happened with the first set of skills."
"Who steals it and why?"
"It is a collective occupation in which the occupier, after the occupation, interprets the situation as everyone is under her/him and does what she/he wants with herself/himself. That is, he/she starts redirecting initiations and all kinds of energies, personalities, karma to the people who have pledged allegiance to him/her and accepted to do what the occupier wants without criticism. But this destroys the world where the merit belongs to the one who earned it and creates a feudal environment full of injustice. But the occupier doesn't care because he/she has a different interpretation of justice. Translated, the boss is always right even if the opposite is true tomorrow."
"What chance does a person have here? Who is the idiot to resist in such a situation?"
"I have a Jefferson quote for you. When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes responsibility."
"What can one man do here?"
"I did. But now that I have completed my main work, it will be much easier for all who take the individual journey seriously."
"How did you do it?"
"I found myself in a life situation where I had two options. Either I give in or I am forced to believe in myself. In such a situation one usually panics, but when you are in a tight spot, panic is the worst option. The best thing to do is to keep your inner calm - and this is also true later on, when anything can happen in your head - and in that total calm, follow your inner voice, which is not so much overwhelmed by the occupier at that time."
"What would you do differently if you were starting again?"
"I would arrange enough money in advance to fund the time spent meditating. But that's not easy if you want to stay respectable in this world, because you'll need that respectability later. If you fail, you are left to continue to trust yourself and accept outside help. For it may be that the source of such help is your will, which will later be joined by beings and people who can place such help properly on the timeline. However, this will require a belief that you will have to credit to yourself and to which everyone around you will say that you are out of your mind."
"This cannot be easy."
"It is very difficult, but you have your inner voice, and if you listen to it and use your brain to get the big bullshit things it suggests right, you can get through the hardest times."
"So you're saying, if I can, create the financial possibilities of several years of no income."
"So that there will be a period where others will take care of all your affairs that don't necessarily need you. That is, they'll deposit your checks and take care of your cases. People used to go to a monastery at that time, but you're on your individual journey and you have to stop the world in a city for yourself."
"What does it mean to stop the world for myself?"
"It's something a beginner can't imagine when living in the fast-paced world of everyday life. Here's what you need to be prepared for. Loneliness, isolation..."
"Is that what you said you took the battery out of your phone?"
"Yes, I even untied my doorbell. Because you'll see that there are times when people try to get you out of your meditation by, say, having an agent ring the doorbell at the worst possible moment. On my extreme arc, I had one where I was sitting and the table in front of me caught fire because of a candle. But the voice inside told me to keep sitting and keep doing what I was doing inside. The flames got bigger and bigger and I sat in front of it until the suggestion came that I was finished and could put it out."
"It's very difficult for me to decide now whether you are normal or not."
"But my opponents can sense that I am not an easy opponent."
"Does everyone have to face something like that?"
"It all depends on your possibilities and the risks you take. I have dared to dream big, which is the trick that those who encourage you to do so are hoping that there is a line you won't dare cross and they can take over your dream."
"What do you consider the most important virtue in such a start?"
"Overcoming fear. Because the world = hologram works by interpreting your fears as requests. In other interpretations, you use your fears to assign yourself the tasks you want to face and you need to overcome them to move forward. Fears are usually aroused by those who gain influence over you by protecting you from them, so this is something to watch out for. If, in the context of the ÉlményPark - because what you believe is what you have - you trust the system enough to watch it protect you, I haven't lied, because the influence of the ÉlményPark is also increased."
"So you're no better than them?"
"I did not say that my influence is increased, but that of the ÉlményPark is increased, and there is the huge difference that makes it all understandable. The ÉlményPark is not equal to me, it's just a modern framework to get rid of the old world if you want. If you remain religious and go to church, there is no problem with that either, because the world will align with your beliefs."
"How do you view religious people?"
"As if they are playing a holofantasy game that is being extended to the level of reality. This game is actually a holoapp that runs under the ÉlményPark Operating System."
"Is this your ÉlményPark?"
"I made it, I launched it and I got out of it. I'm still the main developer, but there's a guarantee that it's 3 years for me to get there and 3 back, plus the time spent on the job. It runs automatically with the Linux ethos."
"Open source?"
"Yes, but not just anyone can get there. But if you fit the parameters, you can't avoid it. Oh and you don't have to come to me to kiss my ass, because I don't have the right to give you admin privileges, because you have to earn them. Someone may want to learn from me, but the bar is set high here, but they get the manna from the person who invented it."
"What if you are approached by someone you think is better than you?"
"I'm happy about it, because on the one hand I can share the work, but on the other hand there is a limit to my knowledge. I've been very good at seeing something, figuring it out and laying down version 1.0, but people like that can improve the system, just like they do with Linux. The key to all this is personnel policy, which is not so good for collectives, because they don't think in terms of persons. So this is a real breakthrough in the history of esotericism."
"Something occurred to me. You talk about power, but also about sitting alone in an apartment and I don't really see the connection."
"Science has got to the point where it has realised that our world is nothing but a gigantic hologram. Of course, gigantic is also just a matter of opinion, because there are already gigantic tracks on Play Station, and maybe this is just a tiny gadget.  The hologram has properties, one of which is that every tiny part has all the information. The best example to understand this is if you have ever seen an image made with a holographic process, if you cut a tiny piece of it with scissors and shine a laser light on it, you will not see the tiny piece, but the whole image in tiny pieces. If you look at a tiny slice of yourself inside yourself and illuminate it with enlightened Light, you will find the whole world inside yourself. In fact, the purpose of esotericism is to find that way.I'm not so crazy now, am I, to talk about communicating with other galaxies by thought?"
"Can anyone do that?"
"Ask a master. If you're not in the group yet, he'll probably say yes, but if you are, it's forbidden."
"Why is it forbidden?"
"Because I ban unqualified people with an entitlement system that has objective rules that apply to me as well."
"Then what power do you have? Have you taken back what was taken from you?"
"No way! What was taken away from me was a Power that I have acquired far greater power than that. Because it turns out that if they take the Power away, you're still at your level, but you have more potential for manipulation. It makes sense, if you think about it. The slogan was born, if you don't have power, others must have it."
"How did you find out?"
"This may sound strange at first, but I was doing scientific experiments in the field of esotericism. You wouldn't believe the things. Sometimes I didn't even know what I was going to buy food with the following week, and then I got over that by even playing on it and watching what happened. Something always happened. I concluded that I had to look at meditation the other way round. That is, not in the sense that if I started, I had to finish, but that if I finished at some point, I had to start. This may be incomprehensible to someone who can only understand the timeline in past-present-future cause-and-effect terms, but meditation will inevitably develop your brain. Which you can embed by watching such films and series, so your brain can more easily understand, say, time travel, which is good for higher dimensions."
"What greater power have you gained that is greater than your personal power?"
"What you believe you have."
"Did my beliefs become that power?"
"Not just yours. But it took a lot of work to build a system worth believing in. And which, in a practical sense, has nothing to do with the ÉlményPark, because it's a game position."
"What do I believe?"
"I don't know yet, but this belief is created deep down inside you when you make assumptions about me, when you interpret the ÉlményPark. I just have to wait for that belief to come to me and grow into it."
"Wait, didn't you just say you installed it on humanity's web of consciousness? How did you do that?"
"When someone with that kind of faith came to me, I grew up to the task. I told you that my abilities were difficult to interpret on the level of everyday reality. I did nothing more than imagine the world as if it were a holographic video game and did a decent job of making it look like a game. Admin level, game level, permissions system and whoever comes after me will take care of the details."
"But how did you have the courage?"
"There was no way to retreat in the meantime, I could only go forward."
"I have to work that up before I can ask more questions. Let's go back to someone sitting there in solitude waiting for something to happen. What do you do?"
"Decide whether to start or to remain a player, because if it is a game programme, the aim is to play. If it chooses to play, i.e. if it prioritises the outside world, there are admin levels to the game level. That is, the power to improve your chances in the game called life. Dealing with the system isn't for everyone, especially without the power to win in front of people. What I do here is part of my own game in that sense."
"Okay, what's the first real step? Because so far it's just been having a lot of money/trusting your fate and overcoming fear. Neither of those are concrete."
"Reprogramming yourself."
"From what to what?"
"When you watch a movie, commercial, news, you don't even realize that you are slowly accepting other people's beliefs about the world. You get this a lot in your everyday life, but it's also what you learn in school. These influences are slowly shaping you, but at certain points they clash with how you feel about certain issues deep down inside. The result is the tremors you observe in your legs. When you sit in solitude, you need to take these issues one by one and come to a consensus with yourself. How important is fashion to you, say. Your favourite band. How you feel about love and what an ideal relationship should look like. How important is money and why. Each topic one by one. There's a tiny pitfall to this if you fool yourself, which isn't hard, since there are ally and enemy aspects to both the Heart and the Ego. But the point is, if you come to a real answer that is true in the deep, you will find that you begin to diminish that tremor in your knees and when it finally subsides, you stand there in complete stillness and you have stopped the world for yourself. I got so used to it that when I took my watch off at the time, I haven't put it back on since."
"Is that the goal? Total stillness?"
"That's when you see how fast the world is, how everyone is always running somewhere while looking at their watch. I was living a fast life before, and now I'm in the ten-year time step."
"How's that?"
"What you look at in minutes, I look at as hours. When you count in hours, I count in days. When you think in days, they are weeks to me. When you think in weeks, I think in months."
"What does that mean?"
"You have to wait for something for, say, two months. You feel the same about it as if I had to wait two years. I've been living like this for 20 years, that's two units on a ten-year time scale."
"Why is this pace of life good?"
"Otherwise, you don't get the silence you need to hear the essence and notice the little signs. I'm sure you won't understand much of this, but anyone who has experienced it knows exactly what I'm talking about."

3. Being in it

"What's it like to be in it?"
"It's like a marriage."
"Are you married?"
"Not in this reality. I mean, I never have been. If I was, I'd never get here and I'd be a divorced dad."
"What makes you say that?"
"I'm not the real man type."
"What's a real man like?"
"I have no idea, because I've never seen one. They must be where the real women are."
"What do you mean, it's like a marriage?"
"It's great at first, then things change."
"What do you mean, it's great?"
"I think it's the feeding frenzy era, but maybe I'm just saying that because when they realized I wasn't that into this collective, they put me in park. Translated, I was destined to sit in an apartment tied up with energy, the energy coming to me being sucked away and waiting for me to submit. But I do not know what it means to surrender."
"You accept their power."
"Whose? These monkeys who will go for nothing in exchange for their obeisance and loyalty," which I would strongly question, or the monkeys who are playing angels here?"
"Why would you question it?"
"As long as the chariot is running, everyone is cool and buddy-buddy."
"Why don't you buy the collective?"
"I said this collective. People in everyday life form many collectives, like family, friends, work, sports, hobbies. Some of these collectives are ready-made and some of them you create yourself. People living in individual consciousnesses are extremely diverse and are defined by their quality. This collective is not like that. It's more like a feudal dictatorship where those who fall in line share in the care and it's very bad to dissent."
"How did you get into this collective?"
"I went to a few eso groups to gather evidence and data and got caught in one. They basically gave a shit what I thought about the individual way, I couldn't do anything anyway. But it turned out that maybe I could. But I would put the sign in front of some of the thematic TV programmes here, so that they don't try this at home."
"But you tried it."
"Once you're in, you're a beginner facing people for whom magic is as commonplace as mobile for you. I tried it by staying my own way and they became the difficulty I faced."
"What does it take for someone to follow a similar arc as you?"
"I met people like that back in the day, but it's worth seeing that no one sees these people as role models to follow because they don't seem cool. And people are social creatures and gravitate in the direction where they see power and winners. When I go to the shops, for example, I don't look cool or social."
"Why don't you look cool?"
"I was once asked on my inner channel why I disguise myself and vibrate like an average person. And I asked back, who am I flashing for? Do they see a motorcycle police escort in front of me? No? Who then? Do I start making a lot of noise on the bus saying, people, I am the lord of the universe?"
"Are you the lord of the universe?"
"According to the aliens' beliefs, yes. They call it the Supreme Being, and the title belongs to the one with the deepest level of consciousness, which translates as the closest to God. It is Outside, as here in antiquity, that there is a living cult of the god, which means that certain initiates are recognized as possessed by particular spiritual beings, that is, the spiritual being itself. But if we think of Jesus Christ, it is exactly the same with him. Jesus was the name of the man given to the initiates in Egypt and Christ was the spiritual being who had descended into him."
"Do you know his real name?"
"The Latin version is Matarius, the Hungarian version is Matariós. But when I look at the Matryoshka dolls, which actually represent the essence of his teaching, I'm not sure he was a man either. Because his figure only became popular later, and I suppose it took many Happy Sundays for his current figure to become fixed in people's memories. I once searched for the name Jesus in the .doc form of Arvisura  and found many interesting things in the results that were not in sync with what is taught about him, but interestingly the Talmud confirms this information. Interestingly, it tells the story of his life, with Judea being the last stop to which he came from Ordos, the Hun Imperial Centre. On the way there, he was anointed Christ and even received the crown of Gilgamesh, which was not a very good idea, I mean, the spiritual and the worldly power in the same hand."
"Wasn't he born in Nazareth?"
"No! Perhaps the misunderstanding was caused by the fact that he was a disciple of the Golden Lady of Mazarehi among the Egyptian initiates. It must have been something like a child genius being admitted to Harvard University or Oxford today. He just couldn't sit on his ass and went off to see the world. He got in trouble, but as an initiate of that level, they certainly couldn't have killed him, and there is a theory that he went from Judea to India, which to me is pretty convincing evidence of believers who wear and live in exactly the same outfit. But to add to the atmosphere, there are some people in Tibet and India who can easily reach that level of consciousness, but those at that level of consciousness are not very concerned with the physical world. Jesus must have actually been a moron in their eyes, and as a result, half the world today stares at his hanging body in the logo of Christianity."
"This has a serious meaning."
"Is this the way it is for anyone who opposes Rome and/or the Jewish priests?"
"Not quite, it is a reminder that he has taken upon himself the sin of humanity."
"You know what I don't get? Did no one ever consider that this Jesus was actually a dummy who took the sins upon himself so that you could commit them again? You, who were raised from childhood to believe that sins could be dealt with by the priest with a few prayers, translated as a simple apology? Listen, I have stood before such a heavenly court where I had to answer for sins that once as a child I only stood there when one of the idiots punched a dog in the face. Do you realize what would happen to you in the same place?"
"You've been to heavenly court?"
"So many times I've studied celestial law. Which is a little different than earthly because if you take a case you're not right about, you die with the guilty."
"How did you get there?"
"There are enough enthusiastic masters and alien beings in that sense. The majority of people wouldn't survive the first second and seriously, luring Muslims into Europe in that sense is not a very good idea. Of course, I am accused of being racist and all that and such, which I am sure will be laughed at by my former colleagues in Bosnia, but the situation here is that this game is about the survival of European civilisation. Anyone who gets into this now basically has two choices, or three, because the Jewish interpretation of Christianity provides a kind of protective umbrella. One choice is to stay on the path set by religious propaganda and, in ignorance, hope that figures like me will succeed, which will trickle down to you in the sense that your prayers have been answered. The other option is to join one side of the battle and hope that you win. The third option is to wake up right here and now and start walking towards a modern Earth and hope that you too fit the definition of an advanced human being. Though I should note here that Multiplex Projection allows for all visions of the future, meaning it's just a matter of which world of which level of which reality node you end up in."
"You said that you are in a period of reentry and you are being occupied by people from long ago who you perceive again. Who are they and are they the same as those who bound you with energies at that time?"
"Yes, they have disappeared in the deep trance, but my body has been here for 20 years because of my consciousness being in the deep trance. A serious problem is how the collective occupation, which doesn't really understand individual consciousnesses, interprets the fucking high rank that returns in individual consciousness. Which has been translated into English as Bassott High Dimension, as I didn't know that the ones I gave as working names for ease of understanding and subsequent easier identification went out in a sharpish and there are a lot of them. In fact, if I went on, I'm sure I'd give some of the saints who are hearing for the first time about what happened behind the Great Wall of Silence a heart attack. These here have been desperately trying to put things right from their perspective, which has always worked in the short term, but we have now entered the medium and long term era, crowned by the return of consciousness. You can't imagine how many times I've been hearing from upstairs lately that 'we can't kill him', but no!"
"If you read all this through the eyes of a novice, what would you think if you were in his shoes?"
"Fortunately, I am not in his shoes. But I don't want to dodge the question, this ÉlményPark atmosphere is something that basically zero-kilometre riders will be able to really get into. For those of you who don't want to go that deep into it now, there is a website and another for those who do. There's also one that has all the old theme élménypark content and there are professional sites where you can go deeper and one that keeps all the information outside and just has a library of props that you can work with."
"You can't do it by fashion, but you can start that way."