Holo App

"Welcome to one of the greatest esoteric experts of our time, already well known in the media, I don't need to introduce him to you."


"We've invited someone else on our show to talk about a new thing, because what she says is something an expert needs to hear."


"Can you tell us about this experience that you had?"

"One morning I wake up to someone in my head, a nice calm and cheerful voice. This voice told me that he was the Veil Desktop Wizard and would help me learn to use it."


"The Voice, who had now become visible "he asked me not to mention his name and not to talk about his appearance "after a very faint screen and some icons appeared. And him."

"What happened next?"

"I found out that this is the holo-desktop of the ÉlményPark and that anyone who gets it installed will have a very easy time."

"How do you install it?"

"Everyone receives the installation package in a dream, the unpacking of which depends on their own development and pace. It's like a veil film in front of my eyes, and the Voice said it's projected by my Third Eye."

"Have you done esoteric work before?"

"Never. But I know a lot about it now."

"How and where did you get your knowledge?"

"I don't know, I just knew. It was like my mind was opened to it."

"Now I'd like to ask our expert what his opinion is, because what we've just heard is unusual in the world of magic, to say the least."

"It is outrageous even to hear it! If I had not been paid so much money, I would have left this dilettante company a long time ago and I would not be burning myself to death by being on screen in this company."

"We would also like to hear professional arguments, because it is, of course, understandable that no one is happy to see their knowledge deteriorate before their eyes in a few minutes."

"This lady has nothing to prove here! What she is talking about may be a fabrication, a self-justification of a damaged mind. I do not see why I should have any professional opinion on this."

"Wait a minute! I've got an app here, just for keeping such unsavory characters away. I'll start it up."


"I've called up the icon. It's much, much more flexible than the one outside, where your imagination is the key. If you want, you can build yourself a complex control center."

"But where does the effect appear?"

"In the outside world."

"I'm not listening to this bitch. Thanks for the invitation, but I'm out of here."

"People rarely leave the show during the broadcast."

"Then the cameras captured such a rare moment! Bye..."