The Creator

Many believe in it/him/her and expect a solution from it/him/her.

"This subway line is beautiful! Who created it?"
"A tunnel boring company."
"But they're not here then."
"Yes, they have already finished the work and received their award."
"Then who's running it now?"
"The transport company."
"But who matters to the creator here?"
"It is unknown. Maybe the customer."
"But the customer isn't the intellectual author, is he?"
"I do not think so. It could be an engineering office."
"Then the creator is the constructor?"
"It's a philosophical question. Some say the creator is the one who created the tunnels. Others say he invented it. But there are those who say he gave the idea. I’ve heard voices that consider engineers to be that. So you can't know."
"But what do the newspapers say about it?"
"That it doesn't matter who the creator is, but that you can use it."
"But then where do I say thank you?"
"Maybe the one who paid for it all."
"Then there are many here who can call themselves creators!"
"They considers themself all that."
"Aren't they fighting this?"
"They are not. But they are like you. There are gangs that can also fight for their truth."
"But then everyone here is right!"
"I think so too. They are probably only interested in aggro, the reason is secondary."
"If passengers ever get in trouble, is it worth calling the creator?"
"No, then the rescue teams will come. And they really have nothing to do with who created all this."
"But who do you like then in the image of the creator?"