Genesis of the World

"What is your opinion about the creation of the world?"
"I wouldn't rush the answer, because it could be the mushroom trip."

"How do you think the world came into being?"

"If it's a world with a holographic structure, it could have arisen in any way."

"Let's look at examples."

"I read that this is actually an accident, that is, interference. In this case, we cannot talk about conscious creation. I also have a theory that a higher dimensional being could have been given a task that far exceeded his abilities. He solved this by going to lower dimensions. In lower dimensions, he had the opportunity to open as many tracks as needed. The origin of the world may have been the result of manipulation. And if it was a conscious creation, a development team could work on it."

"Expand it if possible. Accidental interference."

"It may be steep for many, but I've encountered a problem. The crew of a spaceship named Valhalla was playing on a holoserver that - as if you had forgotten the wifi open - was connected to an ‘unknown internet’, i.e. a collision with a creature capable of holographic projection. For the creature, this was a big challenge because it had to evolve by itself to where the game stand was. The problem was that the minds of the crew and the creature were mixed up, and then after the solution came the next problem. What to do with the world until it was created as an original copy."

"The consciousness of a higher dimensional being enters lower dimensions."

"As you reach the third dimension, the world is already created. The downside is that if the Cause disappears, so does the world. As you pull your consciousness out of here."


"How do you think the ÉlményPark was created? Which is like I came out with 2.0 to fix the bugs in a 1.0 game? By figuring out the solution, I posted the necessary things on the net and waited for the faith of the fools with creative power. Here, I do not mean fools in a negative sense, but in a technical sense. Would I be the creator? Technically yes, practically no."

"Development team?"

“If a development team worked this out, congratulations on the scents, flavors, colors, and so much more they had to figure out from scratch."

"Which do you think may be the truth?"

“I think the world is so complex, there are so many dimensions to it that we still touched only a small slice of wholeness. That is, all at once."

"How did you work?"

"I saw the world around me. What I imagined was like a holographic video game. It cannot be measured for the first creation, but it is equivalent in its result."

"Can't that be what the religions are talking about?"

“It is much more likely that the creator is an extremely pure being and what religions are talking about is a smarter and more unscrupulous being who stole the creation."

"What are you basing this on?"

“He/she who creates to be a bunch of creatures who adores him/her and licks his/her ass with kneeling and bowing is something wrong with that. If you look at it, all of these have developed an organization and institutional system that is not so much a creative feature as a parasite feature. By creating binding beliefs, violation of which carries severe penalties. However, spiritual development is not like that. I acknowledge that some control is needed because what you believe you have is, but I am convinced that those who invented religions are all at a lower angle than the creator. This is the same as authoritarianism in politics. For those who are always unworthy want to build an authoritarian system, otherwise it will build on its own."

"If you're right, you make them angry with yourself, aren't you?"

"I've long done that by taking my individual journey seriously."

"Are not you afraid of?"

"If I were scared, I wouldn't have gotten close to these levels. But even if I'm afraid of whom? From those who have no idea about things? And I created Creation 2.0, perhaps because of them. I think they have more reason to be afraid of me than I am of them."

"Then why do you pretend to be a fraudster?"

“The alternative is to put on a white dress and line up between them, and then I can explain all the way through to convince people with lower vision. He who comes to a higher consciousness is not satisfied with the company of people with low eyesight. On the other hand, there is a segment of the world in which one can live well if one takes on the role of ‘normal man’."

"Who is Satan then?"

"A human invention created by the faith of sheep with creative power. An artificial entity best suited to incite fear. From another point of view, it is a misunderstanding caused by the behavior of unworthy beings raised in unconditional conditions in more advanced environments. In yet another interpretation, the thinking man is thus attributed to certain interests of power. A good example of a low-angle misunderstanding is the figure of the Antichrist, whose name also includes ‘Christ’. When consciousness is polarized, both poles of a straight line are formed, although it is not a straight line, but rather a circle (even more a sphere)."

"If it was created, it exists, doesn't it?"

“On the other hand, an attack on me based on recharging with such energies turned out to force me to act according to my faith."

"What do you believe of him?"

"It's like a surgeon among internal medicines. That is, if it exists, it works in the same way to improve the world, only by other means."

"What does the literature say about it?"

"That Satan is the mankind. To better understand, it is the rational hemisphere of your brain. Which is capable of what others are not. For example, to kill and here you understand the meaning of surgery when you have to cut out diseased parts during an operation."

"If a person has two hemispheres, what is the other?"

"I do not know. But the two together are equal god. And so anyone can be on the other side."

"When you say you're doing death research, you also call it god research. What did you get?"

"Only a pure being can do that. And a pure being is equal to children from our point of view. If such a childish being possesses such a valuable thing, it will surely arouse the interest of less pure, less developed beings. In Creation 2.0, no one can be deprived of their true performance, and all that is automatically corrected. It’s just a matter of what you would start with a creature in your world considered a loser and a sucker as a creator."

"Why would we consider it?"

"Because I've repeated the story in everything, and that's what everyone thinks of me."

"I don't think everyone sees you that who is reading you."

"Who's reading me. From afar. By not knowing me personally. Do you know what distinguishes a pathetic loser from a mysterious genius?"

"I do not understand."

"We're talking about the same person in, say, two parallel realities. One is a pathetic loser, the other a mysterious genius. What is the only thing that separates these two worlds?"

"I have to think about that."

"Okay, think about it, then scroll down and you'll find the answer."

- The money.